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  • WoopsiGfx
    WoopsiGfx ist eine C + + 2D-Grafiken-Bibliothek für den Nintendo DS.

    Der Download ist in Source und Demo unterteilt.


    WoopsiGfx is a C++ 2D graphics library
    for the Nintendo DS, derived from the Woopsi GUI framework. It allows
    the developer to create and manipulate bitmaps using a comprehensive set
    of drawing tools. It includes an extensible font system for drawing
    text to bitmaps, and features support for packed monochrome and 16-bit
    fonts out of the box.
    WoopsiGfx can also be used to draw directly to the DS' VRAM. This is useful when the DS is in MODE_FB0 or MODE_5_2D.

    Features :

    - Extensible font system that supports compressed proportional and fixed-width
    fonts (monochrome and 16-bit);
    - Animation class with support for variable framerates and standard/pingpong
    - Bitmap class for 16-bit bitmap image manipulation;
    - Graphics class providing clipped, DMA-accelerated drawing functions:
    - Pixels;
    - Lines;
    - Filled and unfilled rectangles;
    - Filled and unfilled ellipses;
    - XOR horizontal/vertical lines, pixels, rectangles and filled rectangles;
    - Bitmap blitting;
    - Bitmap blitting with transparent colour key;
    - Bitmap blitting in greyscale;
    - Flood fill;
    - Region scrolling;
    - Region copying;
    - Region dimming;
    - Region conversion to greyscale;
    - Text rendering.
    - Dynamic array container and iterator classes.
    - Object-orientated design for easy integration into other C++ software;
    - Simple API;
    - Unicode strings encoded with UTF-8;
    - Compatible with Woopsi font tools.



    - Fixes:
    - Animation::play() stops if there are no frames to play.
    - Animation::getCurrentFrame() returns NULL if there are no frames.
    - Animation::getCurrentBitmap() returns NULL if there are no bitmaps.
    - StringIterator::moveTo() ignores attempts to move to negative indices.
    - Improved use of DMA hardware.
    - WoopsiString::subString() passes the correct arguments to the WoopsiString

    V1.3 (20110401)

    - Fixes:
    - Font getCharWidth() and getCharHeight() methods return u8 instead of u16.
    - Removed Rect::fromDimensions().
    - Rect::fromCoordinates() returns a Rect instead of a Rect*.
    - WoopsiArray resizes more intelligently.
    - WoopsiString::subString() returns a WoopsiString instead of a
    - WoopsiString::compareTo() returns an s8 instead of an s32.
    - Removed ability to set font draw colour/monochrome from font classes;
    replaced with explicit "colour" parameter to all draw methods.
    - Removed height member from FontBase and transplanted all methods to
    PackedFontBase, making FontBase data free.
    - Removed width and height members from BitmapBase and transplanted to
    BitmapWrapper, FrameBuffer and Bitmap.
    - Removed constructor from FontBase.
    - Fixed bugs in Graphics::floodFill().
    - Stack methods in Graphics class expect a reference to a stack as a
    parameter instead of pointer.
    - Added missing bitmapwrapper.cpp file.

    - New Features:
    - Added drawBaselineChar() to font classes.
    - Added drawBaselineText() to font classes.
    - Added getCharTop() to font classes.
    - Added Rect::splitIntersection().
    - Added StringIterator::getInteger().
    - Added new WoopsiString constructors.
    - Added new WoopsiString::setText() overload.
    - Added new WoopsiString operator overloads.
    - Added WoopsiString::indexOf().
    - Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf().
    - Added WoopsiString::format().
    - Added WoopsiString::replace().
    - Added WoopsiString::split().

    V1.2 (20101210)

    - Fixes:
    - Updated Rect class with new functionality from Woopsi.

    V1.1 (20101029)

    - Fixes:
    - PackedFonts clip correctly.
    - Example makefiles no longer build ROMs other than .nds file.

    - New Features:
    - Added BufferedBitmap class.
    - Added buffer test.

    V1.00 (20100727)

    - Initial release.
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