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  • Hakchi2 ist ein ROM Management Tool, um NES Spiele (.nes) zu verwalten und per USB-Anschluss auf die Nintendo Classic Mini hochzuladen.

    Changelog seit 1. Version

    • It's first version actually

    • Added type of two players selection.
    • Bugfixes.

    • Many bugfixes.

    • Another bugfixes.
    • Added MD5 for Famicom Mini kernel.

    • Some fixes for dinosaurs with Windows XP.
    • Kernel size check.

    • FDS support.
    • Settings moved to config.ini file.
    • Automatic driver installer removed due to annoying false virus reports.

    • Finally 'pipe read' problem solved!
    • Some fool-protection.
    • Now you can't run two copies of app accidentally.

    • Driver installer added again.
    • Now you can hide selected default games.
    • Font fix with all missed characters.

    • Fixed unhandled exception bug when game with unsupported mapper selected.
    • Fixed bug when NES Mini is not detected on some computers.
    • Select all/unselect all feature, just right click on games list.
    • Uninstall feature just in case you want to remove all hakchi traces.
    • Four-screen check (it's not supported by NES Mini).
    • Mapper #71 games automatically patched to mapper #2 , so you can play Camerica/Codemasters games: Micro Machines, Bee 52, Dizzy series, etc. One exception: Fire Hawk.
    • Fix for Google search (thanks to Bin4ry!). This feature should work for all now.
    • Added Drag&Drop support. You can just drag&drop .nes file to list of games.
    • Help menu with links to FAQ and GitHub.

    • 'Can't repack ramdisk' error on some systems should be gone now.
    • Device detection bug fixed (thanks to David Winter!)
    • Automatic file attributes fix (e.g. "WinRAR" bug fixed).
    • Game selection presets. Now you can create presets for favorite games, party games, etc. It's useful since NES Mini don't like huge amount of games at once.
    • Search by first letters of game, just press Ctrl+F.
    • Much better PNG compression for covers, x4 more disk space.
    • NES carts database with release dates, publishers, etc. Just add game and all fields will be filled automatically if it exists in database.
    • Automatic IPS patches. Now you don't need other application to patch problem games. Patch files stored in "patch" folder. Problem game will be detected automatically by CRC32 checksum. Release already contains patches for "Battletoads", "Robocop 3", "Snow Bros.", "Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure" and "Startropics II". You can add and your own patches too.
    • Game Genie support. Just enter your codes (comma/spaces/semicolon separated) in special field and sync. Cheats will be activated automatically.
    • Mapper #87 added to list of confirmed mappers.
    • Epilepsy protection settings - you can disable epilepsy protection for original 30 games or for all games at once.
    • Clovercon hack! Now you can exit to menu using "Down+Select" combination. All you need now is controller cable extension...
    • Some interface improvements - you can delete games using del key, etc.
    • Many minor bugfixes.

    • Press Shift+F5 to update all your ROMs library info using database.
    • Extended font working on Famicom Mini again.
    • Now you can select button combination for reset.
    • Some FDS improvements: correct cover size, automatic header fix, "--fds-auto-disk-side-switch-on-keypress" argument by default.
    • 8bit PNG compression is optional now since image quality is not so good.
    • Now you can remove thumbnails at the bottom of screen (via settings menu).

    • Folders/pages support! No more games limit. hakchi2 will automatically create folders and sort games alphabetically. Tested with 600+ ROMs. Everything working fine including save-states. You can select maximum games per page/folder but it's recommended to limit it to 30-35.
    • Multistep uploading. NES Mini can't handle huge kernel with hundreds of ROMs. So hakchi2 will split it up and upload in sequence. Just follow onscreen instructions.
    • Mass cover downloading. You can download covers for all games at once using first image on Google. You can find this feature in "File" menu.
    • IPS patcher can enlarge ROMs now ("index out of bounds" bug fixed).
    • New patches for problem games.
    • New confirmed mapper - 86. Also games with mappers 88, 95 and 206 will be patched automatically.
    • Global command line arguments. You can add some argument(s) for all games at once, including original ones. For example: add "--ppu-palette=2" to make all games black and white.
    • Support for ZIP, 7z and RAR archives. You don't need unpack every ROM now.
    • Support for some bad ROMs with invalid size.
    • Full Famicom Mini support: Japanese font and customizable original games list (thanks to xsnake!)
    • Autofire! Enable it via menu, hold Select+A/B for a second to enable autofire on A/B. Also X/Y buttons on classic controller will act as autofire A/B.
    • Start button simulation for second controller. Hold Up+A+B to press Start. It's workaround for some USA games on Famicom Mini. Don't forget to enable it via menu.
    • Option to disable menu music.
    • Minor design fixes.
    • Other minor improvements.
    • Total folder control. You can use folder tree constructor now to create folders, select images, rename and move everything as you want. Or just select predefined automatic algorithm. Thanks to NeoRame for images!
    • Autofire feature updated a bit, since X and Y will be used often now.
    • Optimization for large amount of games.
    • Box art images will be load automatically if PNG or JPEG file with same name is available.
    • English font updated, many characters added, so games like "720°" or "Alien³" will be shown without problems. Japanese font updated too, thanks to snakex!
    • Game Genie database (thanks to Nhakin!), hakchi2 already contains database with many GG codes and you can import more from Nestopia.
    • Box art images are with correct aspect ration now.
    • Asiansteev fixed my terrible English :) Thanks!
    • Many other improvements.
    • Many fixes.
    • Finally hakchi2 shows size of all selected games in main window. Why I have not done it before?
    • One font to rule them all. New font contains HUGE amount of characters now. Including Latin supplement, Cyrillic, Hiragana, Katakana, etc. So NES Mini and Famicom Mini uses the same font now and you can create folders with very unusual characters (in Russian, for example).
    • The main idea to separate hakchi2 from non-NES games failed, so it's optimized for 3rd path emulators now (i.e. RetroArch).
    • Added presets for Sega 32x and Game Gear games, without images yet.
    • "/bin/path-to-your-app" replaced by "/bin/ext" for unknown extensions.
    • Compression support! Since RetroArch can run games directly from archives it's possible now to compress non-NES games using 7-Zip. This feature enabled by default but you can disable it in the settings menu. Also you can add the whole archive (required by MAME games).
    • Fixed huge bug in folder manager when new folders were missed after first sync.
    • Some minor bugfixes.
    Version 2.13e has fix for "forever-on-LED" bug. If you are using 2.13, 2.13b, 2.13c or 2.13d it's recommended to update. Sorry for buggy versions :(

    • Main modification - new transfer method. It's very fast. You can upload 300 MBytes of games in ~1.5-2 minutes. Also you don't need to hold reset and switch your NES Mini on/off. Just connect it to PC and turn on as usual.
    • It's possible to change settings without re-uploading games.
    • New driver installer should work on all Windows versions since XP. Please report me about any problems.
    • Also better compatibility with Windows XP.
    • You can drag'n'drop box art to main window now.
    • Also it's possible to drag'n'drop module files.
    • Automatic NES Mini/Famicom Mini detection.
    • New hacked clovercon driver allows to use most (or all?) 3rd party classic controllers now.
    • Autofire working for X/Y buttons too now (enable in menu and hold select+X or select+Y for a second).
    • USB library changed to LibWinUsb, it's more portable.
    • New game consoles, new images (thanks to NeoRame!)
    • Many minor bugfixes and improvements.
    • Using internal games packing instead of external "tar" util, it will fix "Can't pack games" error.
    • RAM memory usage optimizations, hakchi2 should work fine on x86 systems now.
    • Possible memory leak fix during folder navigation (testing required).
    • Free flash memory space automatic check and basic memory usage statistics when not enough flash memory available.
    • clovercon driver creates /dev/clovercon1 and /dev/clovercon2 now, you can read current buttons state from it, it's useful for some scripts.
    • Translations to German, Greek, Spain, Italian and Polish languages. Write if you want to help with translation.

    This release introduces some extra tools:
    • Save-State Manager. It will help you to transfer save-states from NES Mini to PC and vice-versa as well as delete unwanted save-states. Remember that save-states will be remained in the system ever after game is deleted, so this tool is very usefull to cleanup your NES Mini and free some space.
    • FTP Server! It will be helpfull for advanced users, this tool allows to transfer any files from/to NES Mini using any FTP client. So you can easyly dump original games from NES Mini, edit some configs, etc. And it will help you to cleanup system. I'll update FAQ soon.
    • Telnet Server. It provides access to NES Mini's command line interface. Basic Linux knowledge required.
    Also there are some fixes and translations updates. There are some untranslated strings in French and Polish languages, I'll update them soon (waiting for translators).

    Not so much new features but many bug-fixes and improvements:
    • FTP server is much more compatible and stable now (chown, MLSD, MLST, MFMT commands)
    • Sorting feature for Save Manager
    • Support for ultra shitty cheap Classic Controller clones (custom kernel re-installation required), but hardware modification is required (pull-up resistors)
    • New mods included as examples for modders (checkout my mods guide: github.com/ClusterM/hakchi2/wi…cations-and-modules-guide)
    • Finally installer and auto update, lol
    • Screenshot tool
    • More translations to different languages
    • Other fixes
    Yes, you can use web installer now: clusterrr.com/soft/hakchi2/setup.exe
    This is static link, it always points to installer of latest version. Also it will install all required components if they are not installed. This version supports automatic update just in one click. So it's very recommended to use installer instead of classic portable version. Please note that all user files (kernel, config, games, etc.) will be stored in "My documents\hakchi2" folder by this version. So just copy your files there if you want to migrate to non-portable version.
    • hakchi2_web_installer.exe - installer for non-portable version (recommended for new users)
    • hakchi2.zip - classic portable version
    • hakchi2_debug.zip - dubug version with verbose logging, download it to create bugreport for me
    What's new:
    • Bunch of minor bugfixes
    • New languages
    • Better compatibility for 3rd party controllers (again), try to reinstall custom kernel with this version if your controller is not working with hakchi2 but working fine on stock NES Mini
    • Updated NES games database
    • hakchi2_web_installer.exe - installer for non-portable version (recommended for new users)
    • hakchi2.zip - classic portable version
    • hakchi2_debug.zip - dubug version with verbose logging, download it to create bugreport for me

    Die neuste Version von hakchi2 kann extern über Github.com von ClusterM runtergeladen werden.

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