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  • IT
    IT ist ein Mehrspieler-Game bei dem man mehr Schätze sammeln muss als der Gegner.



    Attached is (playable) beta of a game called "IT".
    it's based on the kids' game of IT or Tag. But rather than DS generated opponents, this game is multi-player - so it needs to be loaded on to mulitple DSs... they will all connect with each other and then you can play the game against real opponents.

    Use the
    keypad arrows to move around. Apart from just tagging the other player (the IT player is shown as on fire), you can also collect treasure for points.

    I've tested on 3 DS all playing together. It can be played on a single DS, but there will be no one else to tag.... just treasure to collect & the map to explore.

    It's still in "beta" but playable. The nifi works well (thanks to Pete Lockwood for showing me originally how to do this). Debug mode can still be enabled (press A) - which will give you all sorts of info on the top screen (X to rotate thru'). Press A again to disable it.

    There are some screenshots on my website - (go to NDS section & look for "IT the game" article)

    It will run under the no$gba emulator - but wifi functions won't work, so single player only.

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    0.4 beta
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