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  • TriiForce
    TriiForce ist ein OpenSource Channel Launcher, der Channels aus dem NAND laden kann. Zusätzlich wurde anscheinend auch Support für den NAND-Emulator hinzugefügt. Mit diesem Feature soll es möglich sein Channels aus einem auf einer SD-Karte befindlichen, decrypteten NAND-Backup zu starten. Dazu müssen die Channels zuvor mit dem Wad Manager in den Backup-NAND geschrieben worden sein.

    Letztes kompatibles cIOS: cIOS rev17



    *Removed beta nand emu code
    *Added some temporary debug output
    *Added auto cIOS function
    *Reading the tmd only once now


    * Added the return to channel function from d2x cIOS(always on, auto)
    * Added Sneek's video mode patch
    * Updated cIOS identification

    Revision 91

    * Using isfs commands to read the IOS tmd instead of es commands
    * Moved ISFS_Initialize to be called directly after loading the cIOS

    Revision 90

    * Added the ability to choose another nand, if mounting a nand failed. Not that
    it actually works...

    Revision 89

    * Implemented sorting the titles by name
    * Fixed the wrong IOS information introduced in r88
    * Pressing B jumps to 'Start' now

    Revision 88

    * Added loading Ocarina codes from NAND
    * Removed reading the IOS tmd on every button press(greatly reduces the

    Revision 87

    * Added error checking the file size when reading file
    * When seaching for a .dol, only allocate and decompress 32 bytes

    Revision 86

    * Changed memory setup to match the one from the apploader better

    Revision 85

    * Possible fix for online games when using the normal boot method
    * Reverted memory allocation for one buffer to the old version, ISFS_Read ret -101...

    Revision 84

    * Small memory optimisation
    * Not calling ISFS_Deinitialize anymore, might fix crashes with wii motes
    * Changed the sub system shutdown code to the one used in recent disc loaders

    Revision 83

    * Updated to be compiled with the latest devkit and libogc

    Revision 82
    - Added basic cIOS identification

    Revision 81
    - Updated to ignore HBC 1.0.7
    - Attempt to get compatible with cIOS rev 20

    Revision 80
    - Added paused start for debugger
    - Allow using 2nd, 3rd and 4th controller in the menu

    Revision 79
    - Reduced amount of allocated memory when reading folders
    - Skip unnecessary 2nd ISDS_ReadDir if the folder doesn't contain files

    Revision 78
    - Setting most of the allocated memory to 0 before using it, this might fix some bugs

    Revision 77

    Revision 76
    - Using a fake ticket for ES_Identify now
    - Removed green screen flash when botting a game

    Revision 75
    - Fixed code dump when closing (from the menu TriiForce).

    Revision 74
    - Fixed a bug in the code patch video.

    Revision 73
    - No changes, just compiled a libogc amended.

    Revision 72
    - Display non-ASCII characters with '? "

    Revision 71
    - Fixed a bug super supid.
    - Update Manager code to the latest version.

    Revision 70
    - Fixed a bug when detecting video mode.

    Revision 69
    - Still cleaning code.

    Revision 68
    - Code cleanup.

    Revision 67
    - Added libpng in the sources.
    - Support for Cios rev15 emulation Nand.

    Beta 8
    - Remove the limit of 255 titles.
    - Fixed exit the program if the NAND emulation enabled.
    - Small changes in the NAND emulation.
    - Added parameter analysis to boot directly into the game.

    Beta 7
    - Added option to choose how to run the chains.

    Beta 5
    - Provision of a forwarder

    -Adding a background
    -The?? are replaced by the title of the id string when the name is not recognized
    -Added code PNG (for background)

    Beta 4
    -Added emulation of nand
    -Back to the charger main.dol nand if any is found.

    Version 3 Teta
    Patch-language set
    -Heure/date Set
    -Added a patch video


    Q: Is the nand emu dangerous?
    A: It *should* not be dangerous, but since this is the 1st app to really use it, noboy can say that for sure. If you don't have BootMii as boot2, wait until enough guinea pigs tested it.

    Q: What is TriiForce?
    A: It's a VC/WiiWare launcher that launches channels that are installed on nand. Support for nand emu is planned, support for 4.0 sd menu won't be implemented. Coders are: Nicksasa, The Lemon Man and WiiPower.

    Q: What's to test NOW? (will be updated with each new version)
    A: Game compatibilty, not correct displayed names, games missing in the list, glitches. In beta 4 please test the nand emu and if the savegames are handled correctly. Please report enough information in the 1st post already and not after 10 Q&A.

    Requirements for TriiForce:
    - a cIOS installed, rev7 or higher should work

    Requirements for nand emu:
    - cIOS rev14

    Bekannte Bugs

    - (Not a bug, but people complain Some VC/WiiWare titles from the wrong region can only be played with "Default Video Mode" and is in wrong colors then, and maybe has a jumping screen
    - Some VC/WiiWare freezes with a black screen when started with certain video modes. The reason for this is still totally unclear.
    - video mode patches don't work
    - returning to wii menu doesn't work with enabled nand emu
    - bugs related to tries to mount sd or usb as nand when the device is not connected or does not have a FAT partition
    - if Wiird/Ocarina is enabled, games freeze on booting (to test it's required to enable it manually)
    Weitere Informationen
    Nicksasa, The Lemon Man, WiiPower

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