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  • Multi Mod Manager
    Jetzt wirds kompliziert. Mit dem Tool Dop-IOS von Marc lassen sich IOS-Dateien runterladen und mit dem Trucha Bug versehen. Mit der Modifikation von Dop-IOS, Dop-IOS MOD kann man sogar noch viel mehr machen. Dop-IOS MOD wurde wiederum von jskyboo modifiziert und bot einige Funktionen, die Dop-IOS MOD nicht bot. Der Multi-Mod Manager ist eine Modifikation von jskyboo's Dop-IOS MOD-Mod, welches neue Funktionen enthält. Welche das sind bitte aus der Liste entnehmen.

    • APP Manager to easily launch homebrew from SD card
    • WAD Manager with faster batch operations and safety measures
    • IOS Manager to check/install/delete/patch/dop IOS or custom IOS
    • Manage Priiloader Hacks and switch to it or Wii System Menu
    • Install Wii System Menu v4.x from Nintendo servers
    • Install Wii Channels from Nintendo servers
    • Install & Patch IOS36 to enable homebrew (express 1-click TBR)
    • Remove stub IOS or unused Korean IOS
    • Display boot2 version and information
    • Display Wii system settings and more...
    • Reload to any IOS via a easy-to-use selection menu
    • Configurable by editing "sd:/mmmconfig.txt" file
    • Real-time on-screen status and detail reports on all operations
    • Clear and easy-to-understand user interface to a powerful tool
    • Stable, compact and loadable from HBC, bannerbomb or as a channel


    Install & Patch IOS36:
    - upgraded to support Nintendo's Sep7 IOS updates
    - installs patched IOS36 as IOS36 & IOS236
    - IOS36-64-v3608.wad used as base IOS

    IOS Manager
    - updated IOS information database to Sep7

    - added new on-the-fly patches to active IOS via AHBPROT mode (if available)

    -To disable AHBPROT mode, delete the "no_ios_reload" line from meta.xml file in MMM apps folder.

    Install & Patch IOS36:
    - updated to support System Menu 4.3

    IOS Manager
    - updated IOS information database

    System Menu
    - support online install of System Menu 4.3


    Wii System Info:
    - added feature to extract and show Wii's Parental Controls PIN and Secret answer

    IOS Manager + Install & Patch IOS36:
    - added IOS patch to remove version restriction when installing IOS (fixes Error -1035)
    - upgraded patching engine

    WAD Manager:
    - added autoloading of a installed IOS if it matches the one in AutoLoadIOS config option

    And some optimizations that may speed it up in SNEEK.


    WAD Manager:
    - 25% faster WAD installation
    - support new cIOSx_v19 & Hermes'v5; fixed all "Error -1029"
    - natural sorting of file listing (IOS4 before IOS10)
    - upgraded batch selection interface
    - new feature to mark a sub-folder and install all its wads with (+) button
    - added safety features to protect Wii critical system components and IOS

    IOS Manager:
    - improved custom IOS install option
    - cleanup screen interface

    - added switch to System Menu via priiloader v0.4 and later
    - upgraded System Menu's Hacks editor

    Stub removal:
    - separate categories of stubs
    - added removal of unused Korean IOS

    System Menu/Channels:
    - added safety checks and warnings

    - mmmconfig.txt; copy to SD root to configure IOS autoload, storage device, startup path
    - enabled support for USB storage devices on port 0
    - fixed display support for component connected TV
    - and other mostly underlying rewrite and fixes

    * added Wii System Information for a quick check on a Wii's essential settings
    * added to WAD Manager a option to abort batch operations with B button; useful for avoiding user accidents
    * WAD batch operation now display clearer view of current wad status and a final status report so errors will not be missed
    * changed install/tbr patch of ios36 to look for backup folder from wad instead of wads
    * speedup App launcher to near instant launching of homebrew apps; speed is now limited only by SD card
    * added to IOS Manager a option to reload another IOS with Home button
    * IOS Manager will avoid deletion of System Menu's IOS
    * Updated IOS description database
    * Restore use of classic and gamecube controllers
    * Fizzy screensaver to save plasma screens
    * Reorganised menu, prompts and bugfixes

    * Hold D-PAD for continuous scrolling in App/Wad manager, hold +/- to toggle selection of all wads, revert wad startup dir

    * added App launcher, express tbr install keeps IOS15 v257 to support Hackmii

    * added express tbr install/patch of IOS36, more UI enhancements

    * more UI enhancement, priiloader moved to main menu, auto stub removal for ios222,223,249, fixed IOS36 tbr install

    * avoids dsi when exiting.
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