d2x cIOS Installer

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  • d2x cIOS Installer
    Der d2x cIOS Installer ist eine Modifikation des cIOSX rev21 Installers, was cIOS unterschiedlicher Base-IOS mit vielen Fixes und Verbesserungen installiert. Diese wurden vom italienischen Coder davebaol geschrieben und dragbe hat den Installer dafür gemacht.

    Es wird eine Online- als auch Offlineinstallation unterstützt.

    • cIOSX rev21 d2x v4 (rev21004), v5 (rev21005), v6 (rev21006) and v7 (rev21007) support
    • hybrid cIOS and potentially any cIOS support
    • available bases: IOS37 v5662, IOS38 v4123, IOS53 v5662, IOS55 v5662, IOS56 v5661, IOS57 v5918, IOS58 v6175
    • cIOS installation slot support
    • online and offline installation (WAD support) support
    • SD and USB devices Support
    • classic controllers, Wiimotes and GameCube pads support
    • argument --ios=XXX support in the meta.xml file to fix the IOS used by d2x cIOS installer
    • argument --remove-cache support in the meta.xml file to delete the cache folder at the d2x cIOS installer exit
    • HW_AHBPROT support
    • module to add new cIOS support in d2x cIOS installer without having to recompile it
    • Support for IOS236 Installation
    Installer v3.1

    - Better handle of batch installation mode.

    - Better handle of Warning messages.

    - Fix meta.xml file for HBC

    - Fix support for external cIOS (ciosmaps.xml) [broken in v3.0]

    - Add the possibility to empty 200+ slots (uninstall cIOS)

    - [Google Project] Added a documentation in French and English to learn how to add a cIOS into the Installer with ciosmaps.xml

    Installer v3.0

    - Remove cIOS d2x v3 support

    - Add ES_Version patch to AHBPROT (Thx R2-D2199)

    - Fix offline AHBPROT bug (Thx Davebaol)

    - New screen summary for an overview of the installation settings

    - New log screen after the installation process

    - Add an option to select the cIOS revision

    - Module to save an installation config file

    - Module to load an installation config file (ciosconf.cfg file located in the d2x cIOS installer folder)

    - Module to save a NUS script to download the required files for offline installation

    - Some minor bugfixes

    - Argument --ios=XXX in the meta.xml file is only active without AHBPROT

    Installer v2.2

    - Added a filter on the "Working IOS" candidate list to exclude STUB and FakeSTUB IOS.

    - Default installation slot for cIOS is now set on 249.

    - Default cIOS d2x version is now set on the last final release.

    - Attempting to correct the flickering screen. (not sure it's fixed)

    - Small display reorganization.

    - Fixed case issue : now d2x=D2X and app=APP ^^

    - Added support for comments on ciosmaps.xml.

    - Added support for --remove-cache argument in meta.xml to delete the "nus" directory on exit.

    - Added support for HW_AHBPROT. (disable by default)

    - Now d2x cIOS Installer can install IOS236

    --> You have to uncomment the line in the meta.xml to activate it, you can also activate it by setting argument --ios=0 or --ios=AHBPROT in meta.xml

    - [DEV ] Added support for Portlibs repository of Devkitpro in the MakeFile. (Thx Rodries)

    - [DEV] Added a post-build.bat to update the meta.xml after compilation.

    Installer v2.2 Beta:
    - Default Slot is 249 instead of 200
    - Fixed a bug with the xml comments

    Installer v2.1:
    - New icon (thx WiiD)
    - Added support of .wad files on SD/USB root for offline installation.
    - The Google Code project is now open.

    Installer v2.0:
    - A new super cool GUI.
    - Code completely rewritten.
    - Some minors bugfixes in new code.
    - Added support for USB devices.
    - Correction of the warning text when a slot is already use by a cIOS.
    - Now update the used slot list after a successful installation of cIOS without restarting the Installer.
    - Come back to "Working IOS menu" in case of non-critical error.
    - Support for --ios=XXX argument in meta.xml to set which IOS to use during installation process.
    - Now allows you to add cIOS in the Installer without update it. You just have to put some files (modules .app + ciosmaps.xml) next to boot.dol of d2x cIOS Installer to support them. Like that, you can easily build d2x beta versions or "hybrids" cIOS with specifics modules you want (DIPP, EHCI, ES, FAT, FFSP, MLOAD, SDHC, USB).

    Installer v1.3:
    - Replacement of cIOS d2x v6 beta1 by cIOS d2x v6 final.
    - Added support of Korean Common Key on cIOS d2x v6 for all bases (except IOS38) (Thx Damysteryman).
    - Extended support of Korean Common Key to previous version of d2x cIOS (v3 v4 & v5).

    Installer v1.2:
    - Added D2x cIOS v5 final and v6 beta1.
    - Implementation of the new cIOS identification method (on the v4, v5 and v6beta1)

    Installer v1.1:
    - Replacement of cIOS v4 beta4 by cIOS v4 final.
    - Small corrections

    Installer v1.0:
    - Initial release
    Weitere Informationen
    dragbe, NutNut, davebaol
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