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  • Zitat von MrBean35000vr: „Yeah, until you actually unlock the characters, the CPUs can't pick them. The unlocker in CTGP is merely visual, it doesn't alter the save file, so the characters are still counted as locked until you fulfill the requirements to unlock them properly. At that point, the CPUs can use them. “ I figured that might have been the issue. It's not a problem for me anymore as I decided to start unlocking everything on a new save file. Thank you for answering my question.

  • Hi! I'm new here with all the Hombrew stuff. I managed to get the custom tracks that's part of the CTGP but I wanted to know how can computers be unlockable characters? When I play against CPUs it's always the first 12 characters you start Mario Kart Wii with. Since all the characters are already unlocked I thought they'd be CPUs but the game doesn't read that. I'd be extremely thankful if anyone could help me out.