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  • Zitat von Arvoitusmies: „I added page 78 FCs. Mine is 4386-8691-3563. “ I'm adding you right now

  • Hi! Is anyone online for smash? Fc is 3098-3789-4225 . Tell me if you add me so I can add you back

  • Zitat von NintendoFan: „The friend codes appear offline because of the special feature called "OPENHOST," as opposed to "Waiting registration." Anyway, the reason why people you've added appear offline but they're actually online is because they haven't added you. “ Thanx for the explanation! I'll add you as soon as I get home tonight. Btw, should I mod the Openhost feature or just leave it as default?

  • Hi, i'm new here . I've been triying to play some smash brawl online but all codes I add appear like they're offline, even if they appear online in the server stats. Anyway, maybe is because nobody has added me so here's my friend code: 3098-3789-4225 Let's duke it out Zitat von Dance: „Anyone for brawl tonight? I play almost everyday with my son. We want play online “ Add me please Dance Pipe: 3098-3789-4225. I'm from Chile.