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  • To all users of my SZS tools: Follow: SZS Tools (especially wszst) for Wiimmfi Patcher

  • I updated my SZS tools. As explained before, the new Wiimmfi code is not longer patched by the Gecko Code Handler (GCH). From now on it is patched directly at program start. This avoids conflicts with user added GCH (into main.dol, by USB loader, ...). I call the current version "BETA", and this means, it is experimental. I have tested it with different combinations of options, source files and loaders, but not with all (too much). The relevant changes for this topic: - Tool wstrt: The method to…

  • Zitat von MrBean35000vr: „Zitat von Leseratte: „Apparently, the patchers from MrBean (the Auto Wiimmfi Patcher and the FlashHax website patcher) have a bug that broke support for korean discs. MrBean is working on an update for these two patchers. “ Already fixed. FlashHax is up-to-date and standalone patcher is available at “ All patchers:

  • @Tock @Sniki @Leseratte @alle anderen Erinnerung: Heute ab 19:30 CET (18:30 UTC) wollen wir Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Wii) spielen. Weitere Gäste sind herzlichst Willkommen.

  • Progress (and success): Today I went online with MKW-Fun patched the new version of SZS tools. The special codes are executed directly without any need or collision with a cheat (gecko) code handler. wszst accepts now very large cheat codes. Now I have to test many combinations (CTCODE or not, GCT or GCH file, (not)activated externel gecko handler, ...). I plan a test release of my tools next weekend.

  • Wiimmfi Server

    Wiimm - - Wiimmfi (English)


    Zitat von DarkspinesBahalul: „ - @Wiimm and @Leseratte Is there anyway I can be hired by you both to be a part of the Wiimmfi team! I understand in homebrew! “ no

  • Wiimms Mario Kart Fun — Intermezzo

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    Das neue Intermezzo da. * Strecken: * Download: Es sind u.a. die folgenden Cheats enthalten: * Mein universeller Unlock-Cheat * Meine Item-Cheats für Wiimote+Nunchuck und GC-Controller. @SpyKid Der weiße Garten ist dabei!

  • Cheaters can, like custom track distrib creators, combine the login-code with own cheats. That is already possible and I used it for MKW-Fun. But some distrib creators has problems because they use GCH modules or don't know, what they do. And the new concept makes the my tools compatible to the old behavior. btw, I'll will also fix the memory limit (your issue).

  • Discussion for my SZS Tools: SZS Tools (especially wszst) for Wiimmfi Patcher

  • Because of the different issues, I plan overhaul of the cheat management by tool wstrt. Background: For the new login procedure we need to patch the the loaded game very early. At the moment we use the gecko cheat code interpreter for it. Because of this we have issues with combination of other per-configured cheat codes+loaders. Anyway, this concepts work for MKW-Fun. My idea: My idea is, to implement the internal cheat codes as ASM without using any gecko interpreter. So the old behavior of -…

  • Es gibt ein Update von MKW-Fun 2018-09. Online kann man nur mit diesem Update spiele! * Hintergrund-Infos: * Download v2 (320 MB) I released an update of MKW-Fun 2018-09. You need this update to play online. * Background infos: * Download v2 (320 MB)

  • Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2018-09

    Wiimm - - Mario Kart Wii


    Es gibt ein Update von MKW-Fun 2018-09. Online kann man nur mit diesem Update spiele! * Hintergrund-Infos: * Download v2 (320 MB) I released an update of MKW-Fun 2018-09. You need this update to play online. * Background infos: * Download v2 (320 MB)

  • @Skipper93653 @Bladestorm @ZombieLord343 Please send me your patched main.dol and the exact command you used as private message for investigations. I need also additional files (GCT, GCH, ...).

  • Zitat von hiimhere: „Rip me because I'm only mobile and I can't patch an ISO. “ And you have no real life friends/relatives/fellows, that can do it for you?

  • Multi Game Support

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    let me take some breaths ...

  • @Atlas: Your cheat code is very large. Before --gct-move limited the internal space to about 10k minus size of code handler. This limit is still active. With --gct-move it is not longer needed. I created a hotfix, but will wait with the release until tomorrow to collect more issues.

  • Zitat von Tock: „So in theory now the Wiimmfi Team (Wiimm and/or Leseratte) has the ability to brick a console similiar to how MrBean and Chadderz could with their channel? “ Yes. But before all players of the same room was able to do it. I think, the new solution is the better one!

  • @Atlas Please send me the gct file for tests. EDIT: Have you used the newest tools, that I have released some minutes ago.

  • Multi Game Support

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    Zitat von Wiimm: „This topic has to wait one more week. At the next weekend I will explain the reasons. “ I meant this: We released it some days before planned. It was more important for me than new games.

  • Wiimms SZS Tools

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    Soeben habe ich Wiimms SZS Tools v1.62d freigegeben. Change Log: Quellcode (39 Zeilen) Links: - Eigenschaften - Download - Kommando-Zeilen-Interface (CLI) - KCL Guide to export and import object files - Custom Mario Kart Wiiki - File Format WU8 (track patch) - File Format WBZ (BZIP2 compression) - KMP Object Query - MKW Track Cross Reference - GitHub: Wiimm/wii-ct-code