NUS Auto Downloader v4.1.0

      NUS Auto Downloader v4.1.0

      Der NUS Auto Downloader for Windows hat ein Update von X-Flak erfahren. Das Tool lädt automatisch IOS und cIOS für einen Downgrade und Update von dem Nintendo Update Server (NUS) runter und packt sie als Wad-Dateien um per Batch-Installation mit einem Wad Manager installiert zu werden. Alle weiteren Details sind dem Note von X-Flak zu entnehmen.



      * Added the ability to create cIOSs and cMIOSs in wad form for easy batch installation via a wad manager.

      that this is done legally, any copyrighted nintendo files are downloaded from their servers directly. The custom cIOS (or cMIOS) modules bundled with NUSAD (made by Waninkoko, Hermes and WiiGator) are open source and legal to share under GPL. The diff files bundled with NUSAD do not contain any nintendo code, but instead they only store the differences between the unencrypted base wad modules and the unencrypted cIOS modules (so it only stores/applies the same changes the cIOS/cMIOS installers make to the base wad in the first place). All credit for these cIOSs/cMIOSs go to Waninkoko, Hermes and WiiGator, all I did was reverse engineer their work and repack it into a wad (which still wasn't easy). Also note that these cIOS/cMIOS wads work exactly the same as if you were to install the cIOSs using an official installer -- it has been tested extensively. FYI, I spoke with Waninkoko and he gave me his consent to do all of this.

      -Download Wizard and Guide now install cIOSs & cMIOS using wads, not the installers. Note that the installers and base wads are still available for download in batch download page and archived download page.
      -IOS61 is downloaded 100% of the time when downloading the HackMii Installer via the Wizard.
      -The guides now use Multi Manager Mod v13.2 (MMM) instead of YAWMM and Dop-Mii. Some other optimizations to the guide.
      -Changed the entire "hackmii solution" option from the main menu, now it downloads bannerbomb (v1 or v2), the HackMii Installer, MMM, IOS34 and IOS61, and it will print out a GUIDE for fixing the upside-down homebrew channel or no vulnerable IOS problems (including methods to fix it if you are missing the HBC).
      -Added the ability to select common groups of files to the batch download page.
      -Download confirmation page now automatically extends to fit the amount of text on screen (so if you have a massive download list, you wont need to press + or - to expand or shrink the window anymore).
      -Download Cues can no longer be saved/loaded on the batch download page. Instead, they can be saved on the download confirmation and download verification pages (before and after executing a batch download), and they can be loaded from the main menu (note, the option to load a download_cue only appears if a download_cue has been saved)
      -Added the ability to not only save the download_cue (S), but also to add the new cue to an existing download cue (S+) -- this could come in handy especially now that I have 3 different download pages.
      -Added an Archived/Outdated Downloads page to download outdated files (all Stub IOSs can be downloaded from here)
      hackmii installer now also saved to SD:/apps/HackMii_Installer/boot.elf in addition to SD:/boot.elf
      -Added mmmconfig configurator (for Multi-Manager Mod)
      -Changed color scheme (modeled after the ever-nostalgic BSOD, lol)
      -Added scam warning/disclaimer at program start-up (hopefully this will prevent people from reselling this free application)
      -Added another functional Easter egg, now there are two functional Easter Eggs. Don't ask me what they are.
      -other minor changes

      Ich finde den NUSAD sehr gut. Top Tool für alle, die den UHG bereits kennen und sich lange mit der Wii beschäftigt haben ist dies eine super Sache um anderen die Wii zu modden. Ich nutze es außerdem gerade um mir zum testen ein sauber vorbereitetes SNEEK laufen zu lassen.
      Mir sind allerdings zwei Sachen aufgefallen, die ich nicht verstanden habe:
      1. Irgendwie fehlt mir ein Download von BC
      2. es gibt zwar diverse cIOS, allerdings nicht die Möglichkeit Hermes cIOS 202 mit Base IOS 60 zu wählen
      Aber ansonsten starkes, schnelles schlankes und einfaches Tool.
      :Smiley_v3_Nintendo_Wii: : 4.1E Einen Tag nach Release erworben :D :Smiley_v3_Wii_Remote: :Smiley_v3_Wii_Nunchuck: :Smiley_v3_Wii_Remote: :Smiley_v3_Wii_Nunchuck: :Smiley_Wii_Classic_Controller:
      Modifikationen: BootMii in boot2, Priiloader, Waninkokos cIOS38 rev19, Hermes cIOS rev4
      Viel benutzte Apps: USBLoaderGX, WAD-Manager 1.6
      Weitere herrvoragende Apps: BlueDump, DopMii, DopShop, AnyTitleDeleter, SysCheck etc.