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      A group of friends and I are working on an NSMB iso hack for the Nintendo Wii console. We would like to use wiimmfi for some online features. We would like to ask if anyone would like to code these features into the hack, as well as the component that run on the wiimmfi server. Please get back to me soon because we have already started coding.

      Please note that if you're looking to add co-op online multiplayer to the game, we already made a mod that does that. It's incomplete but mostly functional. See for more! It may be able to help you with whatever project that you're working on.
      And also note that rolling out your own system for online-multiplayer, like netslug does, will probably be much easier to embed into the game than trying to add Wiimmfi support to a game that has no online mode at all.

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      I don't think you're listening.
      • You would have to compile the appropiate module into a test game, then decompile the game and inject the relevant bits into NSMBW.
      • Even if you did this, you then have to somehow make it not violate copyright laws by being something made from Nintendo's own SDK with a lot of debug stuff left in.
      • You'd also have to submit to Wiimm what to do, and you'd have to make sure you didnt do something stupid or silly like use the wrong servers.
      Even with all that, it's just going to be easier to branch out on netslug man. Netslug is going to be a thousand times easier because it already has the hooks for controllers; you just need to decrease desync, make pairing up between users much easier (a lobby would be a great help - especially if it was filtered by those who have the same game as you) and handle sending it over long distances with high pings.

      Take the route that's worth it; if you wanna make a multiplayer NSMBW, work on code that's already been shown to be working*
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