Hi one question for Wiimmfi for Monster Hunter Tri

      Hi one question for Wiimmfi for Monster Hunter Tri

      first thank you so much for create this tool for back online wii my only question in the future is possible implemented for the "monster hunter tri" i love that game

      btw when i patch the game the message is this "charge ti 65% and dissconect and make this error 11601"

      pls make this possible and thank you for all the works :)

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      MH Tri used the Nintendo server only for the first step of login, all the matchmaking was done by other servers. So MH Tri can't run on Wiimmfi.

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      Not only the first step of the login with nas server. According to the dump I have it also uses gpsp/gpcm servers during (and after?) login after the nas server and the capcom ones. Then it goes all to the Capcom servers. By the way, if you add the missing DNS record it will go up to 75%.

      Unfortunately make this possible is nearly impossible without MH3 PAL/NTSC-U (NoSSL) dump. Now, the only thing I have is Japanese network dump (cf. gamefaqs forum). I'm currently improving my rso tools and bothering with dolphin debugger. Static analysis is quiet hard but with that I'll be able to rebuild the dolphin symbols list and make this "more" understandable replacing these zz_address symbols name. Because rso files are linked/used on the fly, dolphin (symbols) debugger doesn't seem to handle it properly.