Error 238xx : Consoles are activated 7 days after registration now.


      There is no need to PM me or Wiimm.
      Just to confirm what Reboot and PokeAcer said so you can hear it from "the real Wiimmfi team" and not some "random dude": You are not getting unbanned by paying.

      Even though Wiimmfi moderators like PokeAcer may not be authorized to initially decide on that matter, Wiimm and me, the Wiimmfi developers, have already decided in the past that people are not getting unbanned for paying. There is no need for us to tell that to everyone who asks nor for anyone to ask us again with a private message because they don't believe what mutiple people tell them on the forums - that is the idea of a forum. Everyone who can answer a question can do so.

      Neither Wiimm nor me are interested in giving a lot of private support, so thats why we have a forum - so other people, who are here for a longer time, are actively reading the Wiimmfi topics and know Wiimms and my opinion on some things, can answer questions and support us that way.

      Now lets please stop this useless discussion.

      Smoke96x schrieb:

      I guess so man, I wish I could have perhaps applied in advance (last week( to Wiimmfi staffers that I was probably going to get Wiimmfi soon... It would have been awesome to be able to start the 7 day wait period Monday of last week (When I ordered MKW disc + SD card) instead of Friday (when I actually got the disc and SD card and was able to launch CTGP-R) Hopefully this can be done in the future?
      We can only activate consoles which are currently in the 7-day-ban. No consoles that will possibly connect in the future, and we also can't manually add new consoles (which never connected to WIimmfi) to the 7-day-ban ourselves. If you had MKWii and an (maybe smaller ) SD card or USB drive earlier and were just waiting for the SD card to setup CTGP / just haven't got around to setup CTGP, you could use the Wiimmfi patcher to connect once to start the 7-day-wait while you wait for your SD-card, but if you have no way of going online at least once, there is no way to start the waiting period.

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      Since May 2016, there are Mario Kart competitions / tournaments on Wiimmfi! Click here for more information.

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