How to setup mkw-ana on windows

      Well, there isn't much to configure on the router ...

      Make sure the static route is set correctly? Other than that, I have never seen a router which had settings for static routes which wouldn't work ...

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      The route kinda works, it just seems like some TCP packets are not routed correctly.
      The DNS and HTTP traffic seems to be routed fine.

      Edit: It might be worth mentioning that in general all of my Wii consoles somtimes have connection problems to the new router. Sometimes they will display the no AP found error code when trying to connect, sometimes the connection takes ages, and when I get connected, I keep getting 91010 errors while not being in a room. However, other times it connects fine.

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      I just tried to connect to Wiimmfi using the routing, I got error code 61070. DNS and HTTP works, I even get a response by NAS but after that there are many TCP reassembly errors :dos:

      Edit: Downloading stuff via WiiConnect24 seems to work (the data on Everybody Votes channel got updated successfully), but sending fails... This is very strange.

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