Mario Kart Wii Friend Code Exchange

      This Thread Is not needed. If You want to play online with other people on Mario Kart Wii Then just choose Worldwide Or Regional. If you want to play with specific people, ask them on there accounts wall.

      There @PokemonAcer, I did the Work for you. :P
      I have Friend Codes! Tell me if you added me on my wall
      Wii U NNID: Coolnez
      3DS: 2449-5880-8626
      Spoiler anzeigen
      :Smiley_v3_Nintendo_Wii: Wii Games:
      :Smilie_v2_Mario: Mario Kart Wii: 3871-4720-7878 (Openhost: ON)
      :Smilie_v2_Luigi: CTGP Revaluation: 0864-9950-7470 (Openhost: ON)
      :smilie_diddy: Mario Strikers Charged: 2711-8308-9743 (Openhost OFF)
      :smilie_ssbmlogo: Super Smash Bros Brawl: 4601-6166-4309 Name: Nez (Openhost: ON)
      Main: :smilie_marth:
      :Smilie_v2_Tom_Nook: Animal Crossing City Folk: 1165-6432-3151
      Town: Subspace

      Name: Coolnez
      :smilie_exclaim: Fortune Street: 2454-1330-4787 (Openhost: OFF)
      :Smilie_v2_Pokeball: Pokemon Battle Revolution: 5374-7108-0135(Openhost: OFF)

      :Smiley_Wii_Classic_Controller: Wiiware Games:

      :smilie_drmario: Dr.Mario Online RX: 7439-2636-4202 (Openhost: OFF)
      :smilie_bob-omb: Bomberman Blast: 4472-7676-5233 (Openhost: OFF)
      :33px-WiiWiFi.svg: Wii Message Board Code : 7530-4538-1888-8175