[CTGP-R] Error 86420 when trying to join a friend.

      [CTGP-R] Error 86420 when trying to join a friend.

      Hello all,

      Lately I am experiencing a constant error 86420 in my face when i try to join a friend on Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi.
      We usually join each other a lot and this works flawlessly, until a few days ago (starting from friday iirc).

      Now we just can't join each other at all, both my friend and I just get this error code when we try to join each other.
      Has something happened, or am I doing something wrong here?
      We're both using CTGP-R.


      Edit: It seems to be CTGP-R. Does anyone know why this happens and how I could solve this? Rehearsing what I said before: Nothing has changed between both our ends.
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      It's not very clear, but do you have a DMZ set on your Wii?

      If you don't, I highly suggest you do so, because 86420 is an error that pertains to connection issues. DMZ forwards all the ports on a single device, so with that, there shouldn't be any more of that pesky error code.
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      Heyo again,

      Me and my friend both have our Wii set on DMZ.
      I suppose this might be an issue with CTGP-R alone, as we both tried the Wiimmfi disk patcher and that worked just fine.
      After that we tried CTGP-R again, and the error code did not occur again until ~40 minutes later.
      We'll just continue using the patcher if the error code bugs us again.