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      Patchimage 7.2.1

      Patchimage ist eine Sammlung von Skripten und Tools für GNU/Linux, welche es ermöglichen, Riivolution- und HANS-Patches in Wii-Spiel-Abbilder (iso und wbfs) oder 3DS-ROMs (cxi) hineinzupatchen und die modifizierten Spiele somit direkt aus dem USB-Loader auf (v)Wii zu spielen oder mittels HANS aus dem HomebrewLauncher auf dem Nintendo 3DS.

      Die Highlights der aktuellen Version
      • diverse Fehlerkorrekturen und Verbesserungen
      • diverse Korrekturen für New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mods (Behebung von Black-Screens beim Start)
      • Unterstützung für weitere New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mods
      • Unterstützung für Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby und Alpha Sapphire Mods
      Im Wiiki findet sich die vollständige Dokumentation zum Skript, bspw. die unterstützten Spiele und Mods, Kommandozeilen-Parameter oder der Einrichtung der Konfigurations-Datei (optional).

      Tar-Archiv // Debian-Pakete

      Vollständige Liste der Änderungen:


      1. v7.2.1:
      2. ::bug fixes
      3. - fix ID for Kirby's Adventure Wii and Mario Kart Wii for US versions
      4. v7.2.0:
      5. ::internal changes
      6. - functions for applying IPS, PPF and BPS patches now check for patch zip files
      7. in ${PWD} and ${PACHIMAGE_RIIVOLUTION_DIR}, just like all other functions and
      8. unpack them, if found
      9. - functions for applying IPS, PPF and BPS patches now look in ${PWD} and
      10. ${PATCHIMAGE_RIIVOLUTION_DIR} for patch files
      11. - functions for applying IPS, PPF and BPS patches thus only fail when they
      12. neither find a zip archive containing the patch, or the bare patch file
      13. - HANS patcher now supports applying DELTA patches
      14. - split out messages into
      15. - automatic downloading is not possible from SendSpace, update downloader
      16. function to inform user to manually download from there
      17. ::bug fixes
      18. - Pokemon Star Sapphire was accidently called Alpha Sapphire in the menu,
      19. also had wrong Short ID
      20. - fixed that Opening Title for US version was applied to EU version in
      21. MLG Super Mario Bros. Wii (fixes black screen on start)
      22. - fixed regression from version 7.1.0 that made it impossible to patch
      23. US version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii because it was looking for wrong
      24. ID SMNU01 instead of correct ID SMNE01
      25. - fixed black screen in Devil Mario Winter Special by not applying the custom
      26. openingTitle.arc for PAL New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      27. - fixed black screen in Remixed Super Mario Bros. Wii by not applying the custom
      28. openingTitle.arc for PAL and JAP New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      29. - fixed that the script did try to automatically download from mediafire instead
      30. of informing user to manually download
      31. ::command line parameters
      32. - add batch building short cuts for --game parameter:
      33. * NSMB_ALL build all NSMB Mods
      34. * PKMN_ALL build all Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mod
      35. * PKMN_X build all Pokemon X Mods
      36. * PKMN_Y build all Pokemon Y Mods
      37. * PKMN_OR build all Pokemon Omega Ruby Mods
      38. * PKMN_AS build all Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mods
      39. - add --list-requirements ; show a detailed list of expected game images and
      40. Riivolution or HANS archives or Patches required for building
      41. - add --list-requirements-nsmb, --list-requirements-mkwiimmfi,
      42. --list-requirements-tokyo, --list-requirements-kirby,
      43. --list-requirements-pokemon, --list-requirements-3ds,
      44. --list-requirements-other, to show only requirements for mods of specific
      45. base games
      46. - add --show-download ; only show download like for games choosen in menu or
      47. given using --game parameter
      48. - added --list-games-nsmb, --list-games-mkwiimmfi, --list-games-tokyo,
      49. --list-games-kirby, --list-games-pokemon, --list-games-3ds, --list-games-other
      50. to show only mods for specific base games
      51. ::misc. changes
      52. - new download link for The Legend of Yoshi
      53. - update to version 2016-05-28 of The Legend of Yoshi
      54. - update to version 1.02 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Other World
      55. ::mod additions:
      56. - Mario Kart Wii Fonts:
      57. - added Super Mario Font
      58. - added Chalky Font
      59. - added UmePlus Font
      60. - sort files alphabetically in list
      61. - Mario Kart Wii Karts:
      62. - update Sonic the Hedgehog on Foot to version 1.5
      63. - add Black Mage on Wii Remote
      64. - add White Mage on Wii Remote
      65. - add Kirby on Wheelie
      66. - add Nabbit on Flame Runner
      67. - add Skull Kid on Bullet Bike
      68. - add Super Sonic on Mach Bike
      69. - add Wolf Link on Mach Bike
      70. ::game additions
      71. :::New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      72. - add support for Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii (SCL[PUJ]01)
      73. - add support for Challenging Super Mario Bros. Wii: Virtual Special (SMN[PUJ]ZC)
      74. :::Pokemon
      75. - add support for Pokemon Red Ruby
      76. - supply HANS configuration files for Red Ruby
      77. - add support for Pokemon Delta Emerald (patch for Alpha Sapphire)
      78. - supply HANS configuration files for Delta Emerald
      79. - since the author of Delta Emerald is working on a patch for Omega Ruby
      80. aswell, the game and created files are called "DeltaEmerald-AS"
      81. [obviously they will be "DeltaEmerald-OR" for patched Omega Ruby]
      82. v7.1.0:
      83. ::internal changes
      84. - rewrite downloader function
      85. - supply beat BPS patcher (32 and 64 bit)
      86. - add (yet unused) patching functions for PPF patches
      87. - add (yet unused) patching functions for BPS patches
      88. - code cleanup, remove duplicated code
      89. ::bugfixes
      90. - fixup The Legend of Zelda - Parallel Worlds patcher
      91. - fixup --patch command line parameter
      92. ::misc. changes
      93. - removed download link for Awesomer Super Luigi Mini (down)
      94. - new download link for RVLution Wii
      95. - new download link for Newer Falling Leaf
      96. - fix download link for Midi's Super Mario Wii
      97. - fix download link for Newer Apocalypse
      98. - New Super Mario Bros. Wii character mod: allow only restoring
      99. original characters without further changes
      100. - update nsmbw.db
      101. ::game additions
      102. :::New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      103. - add support for MLG Super Luigi Bros. Wii
      104. v7.0.0:
      105. ::internal changes
      106. - add PATCHIMAGE_DIR new internal variable
      107. - add PATCHIMAGE_DATABASE_DIR new internal variable
      108. - add PATCHIMAGE_OVERRIDE_DIR new internal variable
      109. - add UNP_EXTRA_ARGS new internal variable
      110. - make check_input_rom a function, prevent duplicated code
      111. - shift around some paths
      112. - update database with New Super Mario Bros. Wii mods
      113. - code review and improvements
      114. - improved Debian GNU/Linux packaging
      115. - install pre-compiled tools to /usr/lib/ARCH/patchimage (FHS compliance)
      116. - improved --help message
      117. - add --list-games parameter (show buildable games)
      118. - --list-games and menu now show ID / Short Name and Full Name of all games
      119. - add --override-szs to override Wiims Mario Kart Fun wit and szs with
      120. the ones supplied by patchimage. Use this if building Wiims Mario Kart Fun
      121. fails due to incompatible library versions being installed.
      122. - add batch mode for generating more than one mod at once
      123. ::bug fixes
      124. - several minor bugfixes and improvements
      125. - before creating any of the directories defined in ${HOME}/.patchimage.rc
      126. check whether the parent directory is writeable, else fallback to ${HOME}
      127. - when setting destination directory for created files, check if they are
      128. writeable, else fallback to ${HOME}
      129. - fix telling user path to Hans Files for all Pokemon game hacks
      130. - make the script more robust against directories with spaces in their names
      131. - use for* download links
      132. - for download links on Mega tell user where to download manually
      133. - for download links on Mediafire tell user where to download manually
      134. - patchimage menu showed TMS1 as ID for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE restoration
      135. patcher, while TMSFE was the actual (but wrong ID), thus TMS1 was reported
      136. as unknown game / wrong user input. Now TMS1 works as expected.
      137. - archive name for Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii has changed
      138. ::configuration file changes
      139. - new configuration variable PATCHIMAGE_3DS_DIR, global directory
      140. where to look for unmodified 3DS ROM files
      141. - new configuration variable PATCHIMAGE_ROM_DIR, global directory
      142. where to store your modified 3DS ROM files
      143. ::documentation
      144. - update REAMDE
      145. - update README.RC
      146. - update README.STATUS_CODES
      147. - update README.GAMEIDS
      148. - now includes game search paths
      149. - now includes expected filenames
      150. ::misc. changes
      151. - make check_input_rom search in both ${PATCHIMAGE_3DS_DIR} and ${PWD}
      152. - show full path for Hans Files for all games, instead of relative
      153. - only show path to Hans files if they exist
      154. - when downloading covers for Wii games fail, retry with the US cover
      155. - don't re-download covers that already exist
      156. - don't re-download soundtracks that already exist
      157. - for NSMBW character mods, Mario Kart Wii font, item and kart mods,
      158. don't download the files from the interwebs, instead use files supplied
      159. and installed with patchimage
      160. ::game additions
      161. ::::New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      162. - add support for Revised Super Mario Bros. Wii
      163. ::::Pokemon
      164. - add support for Pokemon Eternal X
      165. - choose between legal, rebalanced and insanity version
      166. - for legal and rebalanced, choose whether to nerf first gym leader
      167. - add support for Pokemon Wilting Y
      168. - choose between legal, rebalanced and insanity version
      169. - for legal and rebalanced, choose whether to nerf first gym leader
      170. - add support for Pokemon Rising Ruby
      171. - provide custom Hans banner and launcher
      172. - add support for Pokemon Sinking Sapphire
      173. - provide custom Hans banner and launcher
      174. ::::Other
      175. - add support for Bravely Second Uncensored
      176. - fully supports both EUR and USA game version
      177. - auto-detects provided game version in ${PWD} or ${PATCHIMAGE_3DS_DIR}
      178. - provide Hans configuration
      179. ::game changes and updates
      180. - update download link for Pokemon Rutile Ruby to v2.1
      181. - update download link for Pokemon Star Sapphire to v2.1
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      Patchimage 7.2.1

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