Hack an RVT Wii! (NDEV, RVT-H, RVT-R)

      Hack an RVT Wii! (NDEV, RVT-H, RVT-R)

      A Development Wii is slightly trickier to hack, but it's possible.

      You Will Need:
      • 3.2 or 4.3 (If you are a legal Nintendo Developer, contact support@noa.com for a copy of the latest Wii SDK - it should be 1.1GB - this will have a 4.3 wiimenuchanger.gcm in)
      • An SD card that is 2GB or more (any size if 4.3)
      • A GameCube controller (THIS IS REQUIRED)
      • HackMii Installer v1.0 (NOT v1.2)
      • Internet connection on PC.
      • Ohneschwanzenegger
      • NUS Downloader
      • ModMii

      First, download everything and put it in a folder. Then, you'll need to follow each dependant on your version:

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      You need to use LetterBomb; go to Wii Settings, get your MAC, put it in and ENSURE TO UNTICK "BUNDLE HACKMII INSTALLER" and then download and extract to SD. When run the exploit is mentioned, go to Wii Message board and go a day or 2 behind and hit the red letter with a bomb in.

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      You need to use BannerBomb; download the version you need and extract to SD. When run the exploit is mentioned, go to settings -> data managment -> channels -> SD card, THEN insert your SD card.

      Copy boot.elf from hackmii installer v1.0 to your SD then run the exploit. Next, install HBC and BootMii@IOS (You might be able to do it with @boot2, do it if you can). Finally exit out. You now have HBC on your NDEV, but we're not done yet.

      Launch BootMii, and either plug in a GCN controller to port 1 (try port 4 on NDEV if it doesnt work) then go to the settings (4th option) then the SD with a green arrow; dump to SD and then copy to your PC in 2 places; one we will edit and one will be kept just in case.

      Launch ModMii (not the skin version) then type in "I Agree", then hit enter, then '4', and then type in '24957' and '25070', then hit D. It'll get the WADs and put to C:\ModMii\COPY_TO_SD\wad and then copy those to a folder somewhere. Open NUS Downloader and get IOS58; tick Pack WAD and Patch IOS (select all 3 options) and then start NUS download; go to the titles folder, then the long filename, then the other folder and get the -patched WAD file and copy to the same folder as the other WADs.

      Open Ohneschwanzenegger and then hit "Search"; browse to your NAND and then click Init Nand. Go to Content and import in cIOS249+250, aswell as IOS58. Once done, copy back to SD and then restore the nand (click the red arrow version), and input Konami when asked (U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A - all but B,A are to be done on the D-PAD). Once it finishes it's check, start the real restore. Once done, congratulations. You now have cIOS and IOS58 with patches!

      UPDATE: I have given @shutterbug2000 all info I have received aswell as a copy of a dev WAD and such; depending on how much work it takes, we could have RVL2RVT very soon. HOWEVER: You will still need to use cIOS, as we cannot sign the WADs (even if we could we'd have to release something to extract the keys as we cannot give out the keys).
      Please do not PM me. If you PM me without valid reason, I will block you from doing so. Thank you.

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