Doplhin support on Wiim/ cross platform matches

      If you use a real Wii's NAND and not the generic Dolphin NAND, yes, you can use Dolphin on Wiimmfi and should also be able to play with non-Dolphin-players.

      Seit Mai 2016 finden auf Wiimmfi regelmäßig Mario-Kart-Wii-Wettbewerbe statt! Klick hier für weitere Informationen.
      Since May 2016, there are Mario Kart competitions / tournaments on Wiimmfi! Click here for more information.

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      Your prompt replies are always appreciated! The Discord Tatsunoko vs Capcom Netplay mods are considering a Dolphin build with Wiimfi support. One user said there might be "quality of play" issues due to Wiimfi's strict buffer settings. That might not be a clear description, but can you comment on Wiimfi's buffering?
      Wiimmfi is already natively supported by Dolphin (There is already a suggested build that does shader rendering differently that may reduce frame dip) - The ISO itself is what needs to be patched - but otherwise it should work fine. However, please don't try to make it so that it bypasses Wiimmfi's banning or you may find you have many users back on cheating - Wiimm may potentially allow the dolphin NAND for TvC gameplay but it is unlikely.

      Furthermore, any quality of the playing would be a user-specific issue: Wiimmfi (and NWFC) is only a matchmaking service - it does not carry any live multiplayer data. (Thinking like meeting in a chatroom but Wiimmfi doesn't control anything past the finding of the two people)
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