Confused about an app

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      Confused about an app

      Hello to everyone.
      I have a European region WiiU, version 5.5.1
      My preferred games on the WiiU are sports, wii fit, puzzle games etc.
      I am about to receive 3 games from the USA as a birthday present and did not realize until 3 days ago that the WiiU is region locked.
      The above games (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and another with a name I have forgotten) are not available in the European WiiU Nintendo store list, so I presume that under normal circumstances they will not run on my WiiU.
      After 2 days of hunting on the web (and neglecting my husband's dinner, as my eyes were fixed on the monitor and googling all evening), I came across the information about an App called "OurLoader".
      Now, being an innocent lady :whistling: with no idea about unlocking, bricks and many other terms used, I would like to ask the following questions - the answers are probably logical to all you clever fellahs, but please bear with me:
      1) The information about OurLoader says it can be downloaded from a link on or from the Homebrew app store.

      Seeing as I only need the OurLoader, would downloading it from there be enough ? Or would I still need Homebrew and/or Homebrew app store on my wii U ?

      2) If I only need to download OurLoader and nothing else, do I put it on an SD card and run it from the SD card, or
      3) does it need to be added somehow to the Wii U itself and
      4) how would it be accessed /started ?
      (the instructions on the info page say "How i can use OurLoader ?
      1. Insert the disc from different region into the Wii U.
      2. (recommended step). Mount disk by trying to load the disk from the HOME Menu (you will have an error).
      3. Then, start the app and press A to continue. The game should start as if it weren't region-locked.")

      5) If I need to download the Homebrew launcher then the App Store, approximately how long does it take to download with an average-speed wireless network ? I started to download it but the console's screen seemed to get stuck on the "Internet Connection" (or whatever it is called) screen - the one with the globe, so I stopped it.

      As I say, this is probably totally simple and logical to you all, but I have never done anything like this before so I need help in simple Idiot language please - I probably won't understand any jargon which is very likely part of your everyday vocabulary :D
      Thanks in advance !

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      Welcome to the forums, and to Wii-U Homebrewing.

      To start off: simply downloading from the GitHub page is enough to have the complete app in hands. What you do need though is an SD card your Wii U can use.
      Downloading the app over a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection solely depends on both your router and ISP (Internet Service Provider). If the router is old or improperly configured, it may limit your bandwith over the air.
      Normally your internet speed is limited by what your ISP provides you. Say, they provide you 10 Megabits per second of downloading speed. This roughly equals to 1MB (Megabyte) a second.
      The apps you will need to download are 1.6MB in size, so this means it will take 1.6 seconds on a 10Mbit connection to complete.

      All (well, most) Homebrew apps are not installed on the core system, but rather is loaded into the memory (RAM) which doesn't count as modifying your system. By loading a web-based exploit every time you can get to the Homebrew menu, which is some sort of hub to access any sort of Homebrew application stored on your SD card. Say you have the Homebrew channel exploit set up and launched, and the app you're talking about is on your SD card, it should display on the menu and tapping on it will launch the application. You will need to refer to the app page in order to understand how that specific application works.

      To start off using Wii U exploits, get the Homebrew Channel. ( is the latest when writing this reply)
      You drag and drop the folder located inside the ZIP file to the root or your SD card (No subfolder in the card, just the 'naked' location of it)

      • Plug in the SD card in your Wii U
      • Open the Internet Browser on your Wii U
      • Delete the save data of your Wii U browser (If you browse to Nintendo sites or anything closely related, the browser save data might have patched the exploits associated with Homebrew. Clearing the save data allows you to launch exploits, assuming you haven't browsed anything before since the new save.)
      • Navigate to an exploit payload site (for instance,
      • Select submit
      You should now have navigated to the Homebrew Channel, with its music playing.
      Right now you probably only see the Homebrew Launcher as selectable app. This is because you only have that application in your applications folder. You may now add additional apps, like OurLoader. (Put this in the root of your SD card and merge any folders when specified!)
      @Helvetica (mentioning you so you get poked in notifications)

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      Thankyou so much for this reply. I need to get a new SD card, as I have two - one the large type and the other the small type but I am not sure whether the memory sizes will be enough or too much and I also read somewhere here that I shouldn't format it using the Windows format system.
      (As I mentioned I am a total newbie at this so "Delete the save data of your Wii U browser" - I need to see if I can find out how to do even that...).
      "exploit payload site" - thank gawd you gave me an example, haha..

      Anyway, I will wait for the games to arrive and get a new SD card in the meantime. Are there any particular types or sizes which are recommended ?
      Any SD card up to the size of 128GB works for use with your Wii U. The minimum required for homebrewing is probably around 512MB, but a 2GB card probably only costs $1-2. I could guide through on deleting the save of your browser, I'll edit this post with a video in a moment.

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