Wiimmfi on both Wii hardware and Dolphin emulation?

      Wiimmfi on both Wii hardware and Dolphin emulation?


      I'm pretty new to the Nintendo Wii modding scene, and very late mind you. I just have some concerns regarding Wiimmfi. If I've dumped my Nintendo Wii NAND onto an SD Card to emulate using Dolphin, does that mean that the NAND I dumped is an exact clone of my Wii console? Will this cause any conflict between my Nintendo Wii and Dolphin? Also, if it does, can I just turn off my Wii or close Dolphin to play on one or the other?

      That whole string of text I just typed in makes pretty much no sense but to understand it easier, I'll put it into one question.

      If I have Dolphin running with a Wii NAND, does this mean I'm unable to use Wiimmfi on my Wii or can I just switch between the two?

      Still confusing. :patsch:

      Well, if you can somehow figure out what I've just said above, it'll be some great help as I'm pretty confused myself at this point.

      Thanks in advance,
      You can even play at the same time, as long as the in-game friend codes are different. As long as you don't use that Nand on like 10+ different consoles, this will not cause problems.

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