Exception DSI occured

      Exception DSI occured

      Hey guys,

      I have installed the Homebrew channel a few years ago (1.1.2 10558 v25.32) on my wiiU. The Wii U is now updated to 5.5.2, but HB is still working (more or less). When I try to launch a GC rom in Nintendon't it crashes with the DSI error, also when I'm in the HB browser for a few seconds I get the same crash.

      I tested it on both an SD card and USB stick, both tested formatted on MS-DOS (FAT) and exFAT. My files: apps > homebrew_browser / games / nintendont / wii64

      I also downloaded Hackmii v1.2 on my USB to see if I can update THBC and Bootmii. THBC is green, but Bootmii is red: can not be installed.

      Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

      Thanks! :)
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