[Question] Having issues simultaneously patching an .iso with Wiimmfi and a Gecko Code

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      [Question] Having issues simultaneously patching an .iso with Wiimmfi and a Gecko Code

      I'm currently having some issues trying to patch Mario Kart Wii's .iso file. I am trying to get MKW to work with Wiimmfi while applying the the Gecko code Change Characters and Vehicles between WFC/Wiimmfi Races. However, I'm having many issues in getting it to work.
      After applying both the Wiimmfi patch and the Gecko code, everything seems to work just fine; the game boots up and I'm able to connect online and spectate a race. However, the game freezes when I enter the VR/course select menu, where the code is applied. This issue only seems to occur when both the code and the .iso are patched into the game, as the code and game worked fine when I used a MKW .iso that was only patched with Wiimmfi and loaded the Gecko code through a USB Loader. Due to the online-based nature of the code, I am unable to test out a .iso file that only has the Change Characters code patched, but a .iso that was patched with a different, offline-based Gecko code (a VR modifier) also worked. The issue seems to occur only when I patch both Wiimmfi and the Gecko code onto the .iso file.

      Although the solution for most people would be to patch the .iso with Wiimmfi and load the code with a USB Loader, the reason why I'm asking how to fix this issue is because I'm playing MKW through the Wii U's Virtual Console mode. By doing this, I'm able to play MKW with the Wii U Gamepad, something that isn't possible through a USB Loader or other means.

      Would it be possible to apply both the Wiimmfi patch and code to MKW's .iso, or am I out of luck? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      How exactly are you patching the code into the game? Using wstrt and --add-section?
      How exactly are you starting the game? You bought a WiiU Wii VC game and swapped the ISO?

      What happens when you start the patched ISO with Wiimmfi and the changer with an USB Loader?

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      I've patched the Gecko code into the .iso file by using wstrt and --add-section. My first attempt was to patch the iso before applying the Wiimmfi patch, and my second attempt was to do it after. In both cases, my game crashed when entering the online VR/course select screen.
      The game is booted up through the Wii U's home menu; the VC injector I used uses the North American version of Rhythm Heaven Fever as the base game. I also installed the patched VC title onto the system's NAND instead of applying it to a USB storage device.

      Playing a Wiimmfi-patched MKW .iso through a USB Loader with the code applied separately works fine. The game boots up, and I'm able to connect online and use the code without any issues.