Mario Kart - Green Screen

      Mario Kart - Green Screen


      I'm currently trying to use Mario Kart PAL [FR] WBFS file with addon from Wiimmfi (no matter the version - 2017 -).
      Patching goes smoothly and is in WBFS format.

      I updated IOS36 and enabled Trucha Bug for this IOS36.
      Putting back to Wii console and launching from NEOGAMMA with WBFS file loaded in USB Stick.
      The screen goes Green, and then I'm unable to connect my remote controllers ...

      Tried the same file on Dolphin, it works fine and launch after few errors (GPGT because of edited background image), but it is playable.

      Anyone can help me out ?
      Is it because of neogamma ?

      I really wish to join this community with my console ...

      Thanks a lot !

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