how do i get these few things working correctly?

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      how do i get these few things working correctly?

      i assume this works here in this section it seems to fit most accuratly, i have 2 questions the first one is the larger issue as i cant figure out how to make it work.

      i have a wii capable of gcn compatability, however i cannot figure out how to get action replay codes or converted codes (ar to whatever format) to work for my gcn games the gecko website shows gcn however, in homebrew it doesnt and even the ones it does show are not all of the ones i needed, i have tried getting the ar loader app for homebrew, tried using gecko, ocarina, and those types and none are capable of functioning with what i seek to do (use AR codes on my gcn game disks but they just will not activate any codes in any program i run, i tried looking into how to use ar codes (by default form) in the games but couldnt find anything other than that they need to be converted to gecko/ocarina format which i tried (dont know if it worked as they dont show up . (also as a side note, my gecko app when compared to other peoples seems to be missing things. [it only has "launch game", "settings", or return, while others seem to have more stuff, mine is fully updated according to homebrew.

      a second question i already asked on the direct site for it but as its a homebrew app and i assume someone has probably used it and this helps branch out, so i wish to know if mgba any version(wii version specifically) could possibly connect to a real gba through link cable for use with gcn-gba link content and possible cheats for said content through mgba.

      for those needing more specifics on what i wish to achieve i can elaborate some more if needed.

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