Unable to connect to Wiimmfi

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      Unable to connect to Wiimmfi

      Hello. I've been having issues with Wiimm-Fi lately for no apparent reason, and I've been trying to fix it but to no avail. I get EC 20100, 61070, or 94020 when attempting to connect to Wiimm-Fi. I can load through CTGP without any issues, or I can play other online games, connect to the eshop, etc. I can also load wiimmfi.de. I've tried playing on both my Wii U and my Wii but the same problem persists on both. Sometimes I'm able to connect, but I'm unable to join WWs or friend rooms, and I get EC 85020. I've played Wiimm-Fi for a very long time without issues, so I have no idea why this randomly started happening, as I haven't messed with my internet settings whatsoever. My Wii U's console friend code is 0607-2979-2929
      Would it be worth checking settings such as your NAT to ensure that they haven't somehow been moved to Strict/3-Type settings? Honestly not too sure if such would help, but perhaps the specific Chadsoft servers are less restrictive to get on to and/or verify against when it comes to loading through their launcher. Haven't personally got knowledge on the area, but it may be something to consider just in case this is one of those anomalies where something generic like NAT issues may be the fix.

      Best of luck trying to fix this issue though, hopefully it's not one where it's simply just your router beginning to be giving up on you, however I guess testing a different router may be another suggestion of mine just in case.
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      There are no "specific chadsoft servers". The only thing the Chadsoft server does is distribute CTGP updates. Online play uses Wiimmfi, just like a normal game. Still, 94020, 85020 and 61070 are errors telling you the connection between MASTER (94020), MS (85020), GPSP (61070), NAS (20100) and your Wii has been interrupted for whatever reason. This doesn't even have to do anything with NATNEG.

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