Super Mario Galaxy ONLINE

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      Super Mario Galaxy ONLINE

      Hi! I'm known as Pikamon101 on YouTube and I make videos mostly about Nintendo and I make a lot of videos of ROM Hack's and I've actually made some NES and SNES ROM Hack's of my own.
      Anyways, so I have been thinking about a pretty cool idea for a Mod for Super Mario Galaxy!
      I have been really interested with Wii Homebrew and Wii Mods recently and I have been testing and seeing the Wii's limits and I see a lot of potential in Wii Modding!
      I recently got this Mod for Mario Kart Wii called CTGP and it allows you to play Mario Kart Wii Online with Custom Tracks and Custom Characters and its powered by Wimmifi which is a Homebrew Application that lets you play your Wii Games Online again like Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc. and I was thinking it might be possible to make a Mod like that for Super Mario Galaxy!
      You're probably thinking "Um.... Ok. But what would you actually do Online?!". Thats a great question!
      So this YouTuber and Super Mario 64 Modder named Kaze made a Mod and a Program for Super Mario 64 that allows you to play Online! He made several different Minigames you can play and you can even play as different characters like Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Sonic, Kirby and lots more!
      So I kind of got my idea inspired by that and was thinking about making a Mod just like that but for Super Mario Galaxy!
      I know it would be extremely hard to make and its nothing like making a NES or SNES ROM Hack but I'm willing to try to make it if anybody wants to join my team! The SMGO Team!

      I don't think such a project has anything to do with Wiimmfi. The main issue is Wiimmfi (just like other alternatives) are emulating Nintendo servers. So, unless you plan to use the same network implementation I don't see why you should use Wiimmfi or any other alternatives. Using your own would probably be easier.

      I'm sure if you're motivated/passionate enough it could be a thing but keep in mind you'll have to mess with PowerPC assembly. Probably ARM assembly if you're unlucky. On top of lots of different time-consuming things. That also assumes you already have solid programming, network programming and reverse engineering knowledge.

      Prepare yourself to spend years or even decades if you're really serious about it.
      I have little to no hope that mod becomes a thing one day since it requires lots of skills and an insane amount of time.

      Anyway, have fun. It's up to you to make it real or not.