Wrong Translation in German version of Wiimmfi patch MKW

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      Wrong Translation in German version of Wiimmfi patch MKW

      I patched my ISO using Wiimmfi patcher and notices that you guys translated “Single player” wrong -

      It says “Einspieler” and that’s not correct. It should be “Einzelspieler”

      Just a minor “bug” that I’ve noticed. Hope u guys can fix it.

      By the way, I’m new to this whole “Wiimmfi” and I set up everything today. I just noticed that I need to wait 7 days til my account gets “activated”. I know it’s not long and it’s to prevent cheaters, but is it possible to get activated a bit earlier? Thanks in advance :haha:
      "Einspieler" is the translation Nintendo has used in Mario Kart Wii, we didn't change that. If you start the original, unpatched Mario Kart Wii in German, it will also say "Einspieler" - even though "Einzelspieler" would probably make more sense.

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