23913 on a Console that's been registered forever (via Dolphin)

      23913 on a Console that's been registered forever (via Dolphin)

      Hello. I have several Wiis registed to Wiimmfi. I've never had any issues for a couple of years til today.

      First you will see I have a new console registered some hours ago (my pink wii lol). This was a console I already had registered but I formatted it a long time ago and totally forgot. So I got the typical 23899 error code (as expected).

      However, that's not the issue here. My issue is with a different Console (a black GCN-less Wii) that is currently registered and working. I had a NAND backup from the Black Wii on my computer. I decided I wanted to play on Dolphin because my wired connection is much better than my crappy Apple Router. I simply changed the MAC address on my Dolphin config file to match the MAC address of the Black Wii (I was worried Dolphin's auto random MAC from initial install would flag as a illegal MAC change). I go online and get the 23913 error code.

      Console Wii ID for Black Wii getting EC 23913 - 5293 6083 0961 9557

      If needed, I can provide via PM a unlisted short video of Black Wii's MAC address on system settings to show I'm not changing it to bypass any bans

      Thank you