Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

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      Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

      Hi guys, is there a Wiimfi driver avaible for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector? Because I have a Nintendo DS Lite and some games and I want to use Wi-Fi again. I have no flash card to patch the games so I thought you can just patch the drivers for the USB-Connector.
      A Wiimmfi driver for the USB Connector? The connector itself only provides internet connection to the DS. A modified driver wouldn't help with the SSL stuff.

      Try setting your PCs DNS to the Wiimmfi IP ( and see if it works. If it doesn't, SSL is the problem, and a modified USB Connector wouldn't fix that.

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      "I have no flash card to patch the games"
      This line alone is the issue.
      Nintendo WFC USB Connector is just a way for the DS to connect to the Internet. It doesn't do anything but that.
      You can change the server using DNS on the PC, but you can't break SSL like that; if we could it'd be a LOT easier believe me
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