Mario Kart Wii is re-releasing in China - With official online support!

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      Mario Kart Wii is re-releasing in China - With official online support!

      According to various sources, Nintendo are bring Mario Kart Wii for the first time to China, on the Nvidia Shield TV. It will have 1080p support, a full official Chinese translation, the automatic Rosalina unlock from owning Super Mario Galaxy on the system, and perhaps the most fascinating thing for most people here, official online support with up to 12 players simultaneously in China across up to 12 Shield consoles.

      This isn't the first time Nintendo have released upscaled Wii games on the Nvidia Shield TV in China, though this is arguably their most advanced project yet. Given the similar nature of the chipset of the Nvidia Shield TV to that of the Nintendo Switch, this could all be a big experiment to see how well that Wii games could perform on the Switch. If that's true, there may well be official online multiplayer for Mario Kart Wii once again in future for the whole world. Though I highly doubt they'd extend that support to the classic Wii console.

      In the meantime, when the game releases in China, I will be doing everything in my power to obtain it, and will hopefully document the network protocol to see how similar it is to the Gamespy one, and general differences in the game. It doesn't seem like getting the game will be easy thanks to China's policies on gaming and the Internet, but it's theoretically possible. Wouldn't it be fun in future if crossplay between things like Switch, Shield and Wii were possible?

      Watch this space...

      Tock schrieb:

      Also if you look at the picture taken of the main screen you see that they removed the Nintendo WFC button and the Mario Kart Channel button.

      This is true, though that's likely for demonstration purposes. It has been confirmed twice by two sources within Nvidia that the game does have the online support despite the state of the menus. Whether they've moved the option somewhere else, or those menus are simply modified for the show floor since people were allowed to step up and play the game, it still doesn't change the fact that they are indeed apparently reinventing the online multiplayer. Even if they don't, it'd be interesting to see what remains of the existing one that MKW used to have.
      It's very likely the server will be a completely different setup, because Nintendo doesn't own GameSpy Server code (Though, the * domains still point to an IP that seems to be in control by them? idk)

      While it'd be awesome, I don't feel throwing away Wiimmfi for a more official server would be a good idea. If it is similar/same as GameSpy's server however, we could probably finally improve certain parts of the server that sometimes feel a bit sluggish.
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      I would definitely be interested in getting a copy of that game as well to compare it to the normal Mario Kart Wii.

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      Yeah, the only sad part is that you're probably gonna be paying a fair amount of money for the privilege, unless you happen to own the Shield TV already. The Wii games on the system so far have been the equivalent of less than $10 apiece, but the console still is pretty hefty in terms of price. And there's a bunch of hoops you have to jump through (signing up to a Chinese website, obtaining and filling a Chinese digital wallet, and then possibly use Chinese VPNs/proxies to even access the shop, since it's digital only). I'm in the process of doing all those steps at the moment, I can detail them more once I have and confirmed my theories work, but it's not going to be very pretty.