The best way to play Mario Kart Wii on-the-go

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      The best way to play Mario Kart Wii on-the-go


      I am writing this to share my experience because i've seen someone playing MKW on it's Samsung Galaxy Phone in the thread "About Banning". He got banned because a huge time delay.

      Why phones are not a good way currently for Dolphin ?
      All phones in market are using a different CPU architecture, "ARM64", and Dolphin is more efficient on the "x64". More than this, smartphones can't cool themselves, because they are fan-less which mean the CPU get throttled automatically to avoid over-heating (which is a very bad thing for Dolphin). Playing with many framedrops (lag) means get an unfair advantages online against others players and Wiimmfi moderators will sanctionnate you. Finally playing on a touch screen is very difficult.

      So, what can i do ?
      - Buy a decent laptop with a FAN. For 200/300€ you should found one. A laptop is much bigger comparing to a smartphone but it's definitely the cheapest option.

      - Do like me : play with a GPD Win 2. The GPD Win 2 is a very small laptop (same size as a 3DS XL), with FAN and an integrated gamepad. It is powered by an Intel m3-7Y30 (x64) and is designed to run Windows 10. It is expensive (around 700€) but can run many steam games, and almost all Wii/GameCube/Playstation 2 games.

      The battery lasts around 3h30 while playing Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi. 60 FPS 99,9% of time, with very little drops (1 to 4 frames during a race which is almost nothing). I run it in 480p, but the GPD Win 2 has a little 720p screen so it's still looking awesome. You can use a PowerBank to play longer, i use this one :…age_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 with a USB-C to USB-C wire.

      I've tried to run MKW in 720p (Wii 1.5x) by Overclocking it, it was working well but the battery was decreasing much faster and it became impossible to play while charging without get a shutdown because overheating :D (even with that little FAN constantly running).

      How to configure the GPD Win 2 for Dolphin ?
      - Set power plan to "Maximum performance"

      - I've set the TDP to 7,5W but i think it's not necessary. You should really turn OFF "Graphics Low Power Mode" (Chipset ==> System Agent SA Configuration ==> Graphics Conffiguration) and DPTF (Advanced ==> Thermal Configuration ==> DPTF Configuration) in the bios to avoid throttling and frame drops.

      - Use Ishiiruka build 777 (stable), nothing else. I've tried several Dolphin builds and always got poorer performance.

      - Use hwinfo + RivaTuner to get battery percentage while playing (useful)

      - Configure Dolphin to connect on Wiimmfi (you should run the patched ISO and use your own Wii NAND)

      - Use Direct3D 11 and Ubershaders Hybrid (don't use the Full ASync shader compilation) and turn ON V-Sync

      Can i play CTGPR 1.03 online on this ?
      No, because CTGPR 1.03 was designed to not run on Dolphin ;(

      Have fun ! :thumbsup:
      Here is the official GPD Win2 Indiegogo page if you want to know more about it :…-console-for-aaa-games--2 (it is already funded successfully)

      Here is a video made by someone, playing Mario Kart Wii offline on it's GPD Win 2 :

      P.S : I don't recommend at all the cheaper GPD Win 1 for Mario Kart Wii, it is impossible to run Dolphin in 60 FPS on it.

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      FancyDolphin schrieb:

      S9(+) can run MKW at 60fps just fine. The older phones will need the 30fps code to run good.
      Also for the GDP Win 2, what settings were it using? Lowest settings? Default? Highest?
      Also, with a ISO Builder. You can make a CTGPR 1.02 ISO, just not 1.03.
      can't run constantly in 60 FPS on the S9(+), the sound is glitchy. To my mind playing in 30 FPS on a touchscreen is not a good experience.

      I use these graphic settings :
      V-Sync : ON
      FullScreen : ON
      Direct3D 11

      Enhancements :
      Resolution : 1x
      Anisotropic filter : 16x
      Ubershaders : Hybrid
      Filtering : Native
      Culling : Native
      Scaled EFB Copy : ON
      DePosterize : ON
      Tesselation Enabled

      Hacks :
      Fast EFB Access, Store EFB copies to texture only, Fast depth calculation, Force logic blending, GPU texture Decoding, Compute texture encoding (all the rest disabled)

      Yes, CTGPR 1.02 can run but it is old and the online is dead.