Wii brick

      Hello, I have been helping a few buddy's mod there wii and have had good success. But the last wii I modded for my friend went bad. The wii bricked , I was downgrading from 4.3 to 3.4 and it fully bricked. I had to do a hard press reset. I had nothing backed up at all. No bootmi notjing , all I get is a black screen when turning on wii. I have tried to hold reset button but nothing happens. I also don't have a back up disk either. :facepalm: Any help would b appreciated.

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      Why downgrade to 3.4 anyways?

      Problems during downgrade or black screen after downgrade almost always means "full brick".

      Priiloader will be gone after a downgrade (as you'Ve tested with RESET), Bootmii probably isn't installed? (how often does the drive flash when you start the console without SD card?), and backup disc and SaveMii and such are useless anyways when the System menu is broken.

      You could try the recovery menu (3rd-party-GC controller in port 4 with all four directions on the Dpad pressed), but chances are very low for that to work.

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