Wiimfi Problem

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      Wiimfi Problem

      Ok so yesterday I was playing Wiimmfi on Dolphin version 5.0-9155 and I had no problems whatsoever nor the day before that. I woke up this morning and tried to connect to Wiimmfi. Apparently I need to wait another week which was confusing because I could play fine yesterday.

      I am using a PAL ISO and I haven't changed a thing on the ISO nor Dolphin, so I don't know if this is a problem on my side or Dolphin's or maybe even Wiimmfi's.

      Any help to get around this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

      Leseratte wrote:

      if you get the "wait 7 days" error again you either haven't installed your NAND in Wiimmfi or haven't entered your Wii's MAC address in the Dolphin config.
      How do I do either of those things without an actual Wii? I have owned multiple and my mom sold it so sad and if I did have one would not wanna mess with it and even if I did still own one I am on vacation on the other side of the country so how can I get a NAND for Dolphin without owning a Wii so I can play online (I have been trying to do this for maybe 2hrs maybe more) Ay help would be greatly appreciated

      I am on the latest security v6 patch thing.