MKWii Voice Chat

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      MKWii Voice Chat

      I was recently thinking about Nintendo's voice chat app and was wondering whether this could be replicated within MKWii. To solve this, I've made a Discord server with a bot that checks what room you're in on Wiimmfi and puts you into a private voice channel for the people within that room as soon as you join it. It essentially works just like the voice chat app. There's no requirement for Dolphin or anything like that, as everything is taken straight from Wiimmfi. Anyone playing in any region can use the server.

      All you have to do after setting up for the first time is join the "searching" voice channel when you're about to play, and then the bot will do everything else for you! The service therefore allows you to be able to talk to the people in your worldwide, assuming they are in the server too. If you're interested in checking it out, here's the link:

      If you like the idea and want to see people actually using the server so you come across people to talk to while you're in a worldwide room, then spreading the word and telling your friends will really help the server fulfil its purpose!

      A very basic example of the concept working:…4/2018-11-02_15-27-43.gif
      Setting up:
      MKWii FC: 4386-8695-1301