Whatup gangstas

      Whatup gangstas

      Whatup playas, I'm joey. 21 years young, still playing video games. Moved onto sh** storm games called League of legends and Counter strike, but I wanna go back to my roots. Mario kart wii is what made me fall in love with online match making (well that and call of duty).

      Just found out about being able to still play Mario kart wii. I used to play so much of it back in junior high, always had my VR hovering @ 9200. Definitely want to get back into the bike Mario kart, since it ruined regular karts for me in future games haha. But I was wondering if anyone could just set me up with a few links on how to start.

      I think the basic understanding, I have, is download homebrew from somewhere on here. Get that all setup. Than you gotta download a patch for Mario kart? Idk if its the ctgp one to get to match making or theres another, but yeah. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, if I'm just planning on playing MKWii online, how big of an sd card would I need, if I own the physical disc and not running some rom file?

      Thanks all!
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