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  • ItsDanyStyles -

    hey man i need u help, i have very questions

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Leseratte Antwort

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Ops sorry Leseratte It's a moment of rage

  • torty38 -

    hab dir skayp ma anfrage geschickt

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Sorryyyy Leseratte
    It's me
    he always tells me error then he leaves me out of the room because?

  • TWDFAN -

    Hallo, Ich weiß nicht ob ich hier richtig bin, aber ich habe einen Youtube Kanal (auf dem ich gameplays hochlade) und ich wollte fragen ob ich Die Wiimmfi Version von Mario Kart Wii aufnehmen und hochladen darf? Ich spreche dabei von den Custom Tracks, nicht den Online Modus. Gruß :)

  • Alessandro11 -

    Happy birthday Leseratte?!?!? My computer calendar has notifyed me on this...

    • Reboot -

      Happy birthday to you Leseratte!

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Hi Leseratte

  • Shuik1 -

    Leseratte? A latte or a rat? Or a rat latte? Do they serve those at starbucks?

  • MrEdEn -

    add me on wii please FC is 8942 8142 5242 0871

  • mkwii_298374 -

    Hi i was playing a wiimmfi ww and i got 91010, i relog in and i cant find any players. Help me please

  • No hack -

    Hi Leseratte I can help you search for hackers online then I'll tell you

  • luiz_melo3 -

    Hi , i'm used pidtool extractor , because i wanna use my save files in the games , but an error 60000 ocurred , i'm using pidtool on the last 3 days and nothing is happening .
    can you help me ?
    my sessionid number is 1597624303 .
    please add my old fc in the wiimmfi database


  • eyemmtb -

    Leseratte i havent talked in a while but im sorry can u unsuspend me plz 3141-3284-6551 ill leave u alone and ill never bother u again

  • Firas64 -

    hi man

  • sokroj -


  • Player101 -

    Hi leseratte there some battle glitch that happen on wiimfi i wasnt hackin but some people that i was hackin and i got banned and suspended. my fc is 3141-3284-6551

  • Bundag -

    Hello Leseratte, I notice that Doc Jun got a permanent ban for bad net but the last few times that he has played online his connection seemed fine so apart from some strange misguided hate campaign against him I really dont see why he got this ban, he has also stopped messing around and has been playing normally too, he has lost connection a couple of times but no more than most players do, the ban seems weird to me.

    • Leseratte -

      "his connection seemed fine" - just because you don't see that he causes problems doesn't mean he doesn't cause them. A bad connection results in an overall unstable room and you cannot determine who's fault that is just by looking at the race. You need to check the statistics on the Wiimmfi page, and if he has got multiple bans for that, he is causing problems to rooms.

  • MrMean Wii -

    Happy holidays :P

  • Miles5x5 -

    Not sure if you are on Discord or not but I made a server for Wiimm's MKW Fun if you want to join it

  • jollyroger -

    I was banned to on mariokart! I´m not a cheater!! Items and time cheats i don´t use that !! I´am banned for a week. Can you fix this?

  • ampharos 2.0 -

    Hi there,

    I was playing mariokart wii online using wiimmfi and it banned me for "using item cheats"?!?!
    im the one in the back
    and it says a moderator banned me?!?!

  • KirbyTiger -

    Hello? I wanted to play SSBB online but it kept saying seeking, i patched it Today. (playing on a real disc), Help please!

  • ToyotaMKW -


  • xRndytimeFna -

    Na Leseratte wollen wir nachher mal spielen? Kann ich den dein FC

  • PolicyLobbyz22 -

    I am willing to test Wiimmfi Games. Just contact me to get me started :)

  • EC2Speed -

    Maintenance mode activated.
    Logins are currently not possible. Players will be kicked gracefully.

    Mir ist zwar bewusst, dass man warten muss. was mir dedoch nicht klar ist, was
    dies zu bedeuten hat

    • Leseratte -

      Wartungsmodus aktiviert, Anmeldung momentan nicht möglich, Spieler werden nach dem aktuellen Rennen gekickt.

  • joseph -

    Hi Leseratte. Do you play pes 2013?

    • Leseratte -

      No, I don't.

    • joseph -

      ah. Well, I highly recommend it. It's a very fun soccer game.

    • joseph -

      Do you think you are interested in it?

    • MrEdEn -

      I have PES 2008.

  • Pachii -

    Are you the Florian who i'm playing with or it's someone impostering you? o:

    • Leseratte -

      Yes, I am :P

    • Pachii -

      Oh oki :P

    • Pachii -

      by the way, I saw DIEGO in a ctww. Will he be banned for ban circumvention or we will not get banned for being in ctgp? o:

      4730-4657-8088  2. guest vs_32 — 5283 5000 DIEGO

    • MrMean Wii -

      Just because there's a DIEGO don't mean he bypassed

    • Pachii -

      He always bypassed bans and comes back with that name. Also, that was like 1 weeks or 2 before he got banned.

  • Slash1456 -

    Leseratte help m please i cant
    Download anything in homebrew browser i uploaded a video
    This is not just a problem with SGMGX