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  • .kumi -

    best mii ever!

  • thisisachannel -

    Nice profile pic :)

  • joseph -

    You're so inspiring. :)

  • Pachii -

    You are the same age as me and you help alot on Wiimmfi, you help with Riiconnect24 and you know about coding. TwT
    Some older people thinks that young people like you and me acts like 4 years old and these things... they need to look at you lol

    Anyway, good job in helping in Wiimmfi! c:

  • Dreix -

    Wow, you're the same age as me, only 13, but you helped with Wiimmfi! Amazing!
    Good work ^~^
    I thought you were older. :P

  • DrYang -

    yes! a high school student. I commend you. Riiconnect is a wonderful project of reverse engineering... hats off SIr!

  • KantoEpic -

    For someone younger than I am, you do a lot of work for Wiimmfi.

    You deserve my honour of Hot Chocolate.

    • PokeAcer -

      Thank you ^~^

    • KantoEpic -

      You're welcome, good matey.