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  • Wolf MW -

    I added you. Please add me back, 2411-1826-8785

  • Prinze -

    fancy a game of smash brothers?

  • carlos99sa -

    jimmy add me 3699-6730-7347 ''cabj'' online now ssbb

  • Dennisgameking -

    You can join me now

  • Dennisgameking -

    GG's.Those games were fun. I needed to get used again. After 2 games, I was. But then, I did feel like that I need a break, so I made mistakes, etc.

    We should play again sometimes. You are the most challenging player I now, so playing with you is exciting and makes me getting better.

  • Dennisgameking -

    Wanna play now?

  • Filipedmr -

    Please add me Ssmb friend code 4773-4156-5573