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  • Orange Luma -

    Hi Mr. Sijon; if you'd still like to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl with me sometime I should be available tomorrow and Sunday. I'm not sure what time yet but I should have some time. I hope to hear back from you then!

    • sijon -

      Late reply, but I should be free today if you're available.

    • Orange Luma -

      Ok; I'll be free for a while. I'll be looking for any messages from you in case you happen to write one soon.

    • sijon -

      Always late to reply here, don't really use this site often lol. Anyways, I'll be free today.

    • Orange Luma -

      Ok; I'm available now whenever you're ready. If there's another way you'd prefer me to contact you, please let me know. I look forward to some friendly matches with you today if possible!

    • sijon -

      Sure, I'm down.

  • Orange Luma -

    Hi again Mr. Sijon; I should be available to play in about the next 5 hours from now; give or take a few minutes. By then I should be on this site checking for messages or in Basic Brawl in With Anyone Mode for a couple of hours. Probably both. I hope we get the chance for a few matches!

  • Orange Luma -

    Hello Mr. Sijon; if you ever come across this message I've added you to my friend roster and my Brawl FC is 0904-7876-7730. I use the name Zelda. I hope to hear back from you and I look forward to some friendly matches in the future!

    • sijon -

      Cool, I'll add you as well. I'm usually around so just let me know if you want to play.

  • Dazzy -

    hey, ive added you now. read my message for everything else

  • Zirkworldwide -

    I added you on brawl

  • aywa -

    hey you wanna play brawl?

  • piperetrogamer -

    Hi! I'll ad you to brawl sometime. Add me too when you can :) My FC is 3098-3789-4225.

  • Firas64 -