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  • Keeby64 -

    I have added you on Animal Crossing City Folk. When can we play?

    • Coccines -

      I would spend tomorrow around 6 pm in ma timezone.
      But, what is your friend code?

    • Keeby64 -

      Here is my ACCF info:

      Name: Patrick
      Town: Forest
      FC: 1294-4927-6572

      What is your time zone? I am not very good with time zones.

    • Coccines -

      Central Europe, currently, 1 am

    • Keeby64 -

      Alright. I will try to get on then. Please get on the forums at that time, so we can set up the Wi-Fi session on ACCF.

    • Keeby64 -

      This is the time you wanted to play, right? I am ready when you are.

  • malekmaroc7 -

    Hi! do you play acww AS well?

  • Firas64 -