Wiimmfi Implementierung

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  • ToteRuiz1998 -

    hello good morning team Wiimmfi friends need your help know the day 31/07/2016 at 05:05 my sister was playing mkwii online world battle finally I was in college as study from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm with times of good afternoon I arrived at the University and my sister told me that I had been banned but I do not use cheats was my sister and please I apologize if they use item cheat but please help friends I already told my sister most never play with trap but colaborenme to enjoy their services please help Wiimmfi not going to defraud using cheat but I ask you to please unbanned me

    My Fc banned MKWII 2625-9320-5864 ayudenme is the fast as gamer, players Wiimmfi we love so much playing Mario Kart Wii online help me

  • eN-t -

    An so einer Hingabe erkennt man, dass dir das Programmieren und wohl generell "Denksport" richtig Spaß macht. Du hast den Ehrgeiz und das Gefühl, etwas unbedingt fertig bringen zu müssen, wenn du einmal damit angefangen hast. Und ich glaube, ohne diese Hingabe wird man nie ein guter Programmierer. Selbes gilt für andere Bereiche wohl analog.