Omegle - der richtige Ort zum Spaß haben :D

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  • Ich hab in einer Omegle-Konversation, sagen wir mal, seinen notgeilen Typen zum Orgasmus gebracht, ohne ihn zu berühren :D

    Aber seht seht selbst:

    Alle unter 18 bitte sofort diesen Blog-Eintrag verlassen!!! ;)
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: Lets pray for Japan!
    Stranger: hey
    Stranger: yes sure
    You: Ok, I'm done
    You: So
    You: Hows things?
    Stranger: assl
    Stranger: done
    Stranger: ?
    You: You mean asl?
    You: Äh, no
    Stranger: m 17 usa
    Stranger: y
    Stranger: ?
    You: 16, ger, f
    Stranger: nice to meet u
    You: Nice to meet you!
    Stranger: do u like sex
    Stranger: ?
    You: Of course I do
    Stranger: so wht r u doing
    Stranger: ?
    You: Right now?
    You: Nothing much
    You: Self?
    Stranger: aha
    Stranger: do u like when some touch ur pussy
    Stranger: ?
    You: Oh yeah
    Stranger: do u like when some one sweep on ur pussy
    Stranger: ?
    You: Yeah... would you do it for me on my pussy?
    Stranger: ohhhh ysa
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: can i kiss ur pussy
    Stranger: ?
    Stranger: ?
    Stranger: i want to lick it
    Stranger: so hard
    You: Yes, you can
    You: I'm beggin you, DO IT!
    Stranger: yes open ur legs for me
    Stranger: i start to lick ur pussy
    Stranger: hmmmmmmm
    You: Done, come on, bring it
    Stranger: nd now start to pute ma finger in faster
    Stranger: is that nice
    Stranger: ?
    You: Oh yeah, continue!
    Stranger: yes nd now lick ur ass
    Stranger: nd pute finger in
    You: Oh yeah, oh god thats fuckin awesome!!!
    You: OHHH!
    Stranger: fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Stranger: kiss ur tits
    Stranger: ?
    You: Im doin it
    You: Show me your penis!
    You: Lemme blow it
    Stranger: ohhh ya
    Stranger: now ur role for ma dick
    You: Oh yeah
    You: Mhhhhhh
    Stranger: lick it
    Stranger: yes baby
    Stranger: nd now open ur legs to pute ma dick in ur pussy
    You: Oh yeah
    You: Thats good
    You: Ne naughty!
    You: *Be
    Stranger: ohh ya make jump on ma dick
    You: I'll do!
    You: Fuck thats good!
    Stranger: ohh ya
    Stranger: thats good baby
    You: Oh my goooood!
    You: AHHHHH!
    You: Faster baby
    You: Bring it on!
    You: I'm coming!
    Stranger: yaa
    Stranger: faster
    Stranger: fuck u
    You: Ohhhhh!
    You: Oh!
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: ohh fuck
    Stranger: ur pussy so nice
    You: Oh my god....!
    You: Take me from behind!
    Stranger: yes
    You: Doggy Stlye - bring it on!
    Stranger: in ur ass now
    Stranger: oh
    Stranger: oh
    Stranger: faster
    Stranger: go on
    Stranger: yaaa
    You: Oh yeah!!!!!
    Stranger: ur ass so nice to fuck
    You: Fuck my pussy!
    Stranger: yes now
    Stranger: ohhhh ur pusssy so hot
    Stranger: hoooooooooot
    Stranger: ya
    You: Oh my god
    Stranger: ya
    You: I'm going to squirt !!!!
    Stranger: thats nice
    Stranger: ohhhhhhh
    You: Ah, bring it, I'm coming!
    Stranger: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur pussy so hot baby
    Stranger: nice
    Stranger: i want to drink it
    Stranger: drink ur squirt
    Stranger: ohhh so hot nd nice
    You: Oh yeah
    You: Its fucking tasty
    Stranger: yes baby
    Stranger: u r so nice
    You: That was nice
    You: Best CS ever
    You: You fucking rule
    You: Lets do it again sometime
    Stranger: like u want
    Stranger: ur pussy was so nnice nd hot
    You: Thx
    You: It was great!
    You: Your penis is AWESOME baby
    Stranger: the next time i want to pute ma penis in ur titis
    You: Of course!
    Stranger: ohh ya
    You: Cya!
    Stranger: do u have msn
    Stranger: baby
    You have disconnected.

    Dubstep - I'm lovin' it.

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