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  • lewurm und theStack haben einen einfachen Host Controller Treiber für beide OHCI Controller der Wii released. Das ganze basiert auf Team Twiizers mini/ppcskel. Das Ursprungsziel dieses Projektes sah es vor, die Einbindung von USB-Tastaturen unabhängig vom IOS einzubinden. Wer sich für sowas
    interessiert, sollte mal einen Blick auf denn Wiibrew-Artikel werfen.

    • simple OHCI driver, supports control and interrupt transfers (through AHPBROT)
    • HID keyboard driver, but only for keyboards that support the boot protocol
    • lsusb-like output for low- and fullspeed devices (per USB gecko only)
    • not so important, but worth mentioning for interested developers: improved ppcskel that can be used as basis for other project, including SHA1 engine support (using AHPBROT) and a simple interrupt handler (including hollywood IRQs)

    • a nice keyboard driver
    • mouse support should be easy (assuming it supports the boot protocol)
    • Bulk transfers, so stoarge support could be implemented (save NAND backup to usb stick?)
    • wii mote support, but I think this is far away

    Derzeitig bekannte Probleme:
    • Quirk for endpoint transfers: We have to wait about 11ms(!) for the host controller every time we start an endpoint transfer. This is pretty
    • bad, so this need further review
    • Sometimes my keyboard won't send characters and just [a-zA-Z0-9] will work. I don't really care atm
    • The last character of a device string get lost (see @ usb gecko output)

    • copy the content on your SD card to /bootmii/ or use a usb gecko to upload it
    • plug in any low- or fullspeed device to so a lsusb-like output on gecko
    • plug in a usb keyboard. keep in mind, it must support the boot protocol. check it with

    lsusb -v | grep -i boot

    type some characters >> press reset button to boot sysmenu

    lewurm, theStack

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