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  • Wii Quizz
    Ein einfaches Quiz-Game mit einer schönen grafischen Oberfläche. Ziel ist es eine Million $ zu gewinnen, in dem man Fragen beantwortet. Das ganze läuft ähnlich ab wie bei "Wer wird Millionär?" nur ohne Joker. Ausserdem kann man auch nicht verlieren. Es wird einfach solange weiter gefragt bis das Ziel erreicht wurde.

    Game Modus:

    1) Race to the million
    In diesem Modus geht es darum durch Beantwortung von Fragen eine Million Dollar zu gewinnen (Günther Jauch lässt grüßen ;) Es gibt keine Joker und der Schwierigkeitsgrad der Fragen steigt mit jeder richtig beantworteten Frage. Bei einer falschen Antwort muss man wieder ganz von vorne anfangen.

    2) Free Mode
    In diesem Modus werden die falschen und richtigen Antworten mitgezählt und das Ziel ist es, so viele richtige Antworten wie möglich zu erreichen.

    Zukünftige Features

    - Multiplayer
    - Möglichkeit einen selbsterstellten Charakter oder ein Mii zu wählen
    - Mehr Fragen für mehr Sprachen
    - Highscore Speichermöglichkeit
    - Integration von Sounds bei Falsch- und Richtigantworten

    * Wii Quizz save/read the save in data/Wii Quizz/ on SD/SDHC
    * Added the version of the settings save (settings.dat)
    * Check each start if a new version of the settings save (settings.dat) is available (adding new options to save, etc ...)
    * Screenshots are now stored in data/Wii Quizz/ on SD/SDHC

    * Use GRRLIB 4.0
    * Fixed a bug at the launch of the game : there were some white points in the screen
    * Fixed a bug with the screenshots : the screen was cut
    * Fixed a bug with the screenshots : could not take in the menu of hi-scores
    * To take a screenshot, you must, now, press only the button 1
    * Add a generic with all who participated in Wii Quizz
    * Improved video mode: switching the screen resolution : 639 * 479 at 640 * 480
    * Recast entire memory manager
    * Others improvements...

    * Added new cursors (thanks DayDreamOz !)
    * Fixed a graphical bug : the text "Français" was not aligned in the language menu.
    * Downsizing Wii Quizz.
    * Fixed a bug with the banner of notification of a new version : it now appears in all pages of the game.
    * Fixed a bug with the banner of notification of a new version : it is no longer on the menu buttons.
    * Fixed a bug with the banner of notification of a new version : it disappeared at an activity with the server.

    * Fixed a bug with the back button in Settings menu
    * Time connection to the server faster
    * Added a counter server connection
    * Sending statistics Google Analytics only when receiving / sending scores
    * Fixed a bug with the notification of a new version

    * Added online support with a cache of 4 ko.
    * Verify if a new version of Wii Quizz is available on the server.
    * Send the highscores to the Wii Quizz server.
    * Added a menu "HighScores" to see the 6 best highscores for each mode.
    * Send statistics to Google Analytics.
    * Adding an icon in the top to online support :
    o Icône off : Connected to the Wii Quizz server
    o Red icon : Disconnected to the server for Wii Quizz
    o Icon flashes: Connecting or sending a request (such as sending your score) to the server for Wii Quizz
    * Fixed a bug with rumble. - Fixed a graphical bug : the presenter was not illuminated by the spotlight.
    * Added 150 questions in Dutch.

    * Fix a bug with the light of DVD Drive
    * All loadings are now in the start.
    * Modify the URL on the intro.
    * Added the new GUI by DayDreamOz.
    * Added the new mascot by DayDreamOz.

    * Added several moods of the presenter based on your actions (happy at a
    correct answer, disappointed at a wrong answer, etc ...)
    * Added "displaying right answer" function
    * Added an option in the save and in the settings menu to enable/disable the function "displaying right answer"
    * The settings menu has been improved and it isn't in BETA.
    * Fixed data loss on the options selected when the SD/SDHC card is not inserted and therefore there is no save.
    * Fix a bug with the light of DVD Drive.

    * Add Spanish support
    * Add Catalan support
    * The music starts at the menu of choice of language
    * Add new music
    * Add save system (WiiQuizz.cnf at the root of the SD/SDHC)
    * Add settings in the save (Merci Ac_K !)
    * Add settings menu to modify the save (version BETA)
    * Changing the URL in the pause menu to save the new
    * Add questions in Italian
    * Add questions in Danish
    * Add questions in English
    * Improved graphics during the game
    * Improved screen explanations of game modes
    * Use libogc 1.7.1
    * Better management of vibration on the wiimote
    * Others fixes and improvements...

    * Adding a screen at start the game to select the desired language.
    * Added Italian support.
    * Added Dutch support.
    * Added Portuguêse support.
    * Added Danish support.
    * Added German support.
    * Added questions in English.
    * Added questions in Dutch (thanks Jef1991).
    * Using DOLLZ 3.0 to minimize the size of the dol.
    * The meta.xml file is now in English.

    * Fixed a big big bug that prevented some players to play

    * Widescreen support
    * Added english language
    * Fixed questions in french
    * Added few questions in french

    * New music
    * Adding an animation for goods and wrongs answers
    * Screenshot function when you press 1 + 2. Support SD/SDHC.
    * Adding a screen to congratulate the player
    * Adding RESET button support
    * Fixed several bugs with Ac_K including the bug that caused the crash of game

    You can now playing to Wii Quizz without bugs.

    * Few corrections on questions
    * The time loads of game modes are fast
    * Others improvements...

    * Add a screensaver when the first controller is disconnected and when the screensaver mode is enabled in Wii Parameters.

    * Compiled with libogc 1.7.0 and devkitPPC r16

    * Add Wiimote POWER button support

    * Appearance of the mascot presenter of quiz
    * Improvements graphics of the game
    * Fixed a bug that caused a crash of the game
    * Improving the pause menu :
    o Add Wiimote Rumble
    o Fixed bug when leaving the pause menu
    * Add POWER button support
    * Fixed several bugs in display questions
    * Add Wiimote Rumble in game
    * Add sound
    * More improvements and corrections

    * Now, each Wii Remote has got his pointer at the screen. But, only controller 1 can control the game.
    * Add an introduction of CashMan's Productions at the boot of the homebrew.
    * The Homebrew return now to the Wii Menu but without the Advertisment Screen if he is boot from a channel.
    * Add title.txt for the Wii Homebrew Launcher.
    * Add title.png for the Wii Homebrew Launcher.
    * Some improvements and corrections.

    * Added a pause menu when the HOME button is pressed

    * Added a new game mode : "Le Mode Libre" (in french)
    * Support of the light of the Wii DVD Drive
    * Fixed the bug flicker of the screen when an answer was given
    * Improvements in the video mode of GRRLIB (Thanks Wil !)
    * Recoding of GFXs
    * Using the latest version of libogc
    * Others improvements and corrections...

    * Initial release
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