Wii Turrican 2: The Final Fight

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  • Wii Turrican 2: The Final Fight
    Wii Turrican II: The Final Fight ist eine Portierung des gleichnamigen Spiels für die Wii. Sie wird mittels DOSBox Wii automatisch vom Homebrew Channel aus aufgerufen und man kann sofort mit dem Zocken loslegen.

    Zur Installation muss der TURRICAN2-Ordner ins Apps-Verzeichnis der SD-Karte platziert werden. Im TURRICAN-Ordner muss zusätzlich das Spiel, welches wir aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht anbieten dürfen, platziert werden. Dann einfach im Homebrew Channel starten und loslegen.

    I've (again) used DOSBox-Wii and configured and compiled it to work and autoboot the classic Amiga/PC game 'Turrican II: The Final Fight'.

    Turrican II: The Final Fight is a platformer/shooter as typically seen on consoles, but originally designed for home computers from the ground up. This version is the original PC game running via DOSBox-wii (1.5) which simply autoboots into the game and has the controls mapped and binded so that you no longer need to use a usb keyboard.

    To run simply extract and place the Turrican 2 folder into the apps folder on the wii and then load as normal via the homebrew channel.

    Return (to start game): +
    Movements: D-pad
    Fire Button: 1
    Jump: 2 or up on the d-pad
    Laser Barriers: A or B
    Whirling Gyroscope: Down on d-pad + A or B
    Special Attack: 1 + A or B
    Quit: -

    Coding (DOSBox Wii): Thanks to Dborth and Carl Kenner for porting DOSBox for the Wii.
    Wii contribution (the easy bit): Baboon for editing the mapper to get the joystick working on the Wiimote, creating the HBC icon and for making the game work (which was a bugger!) and autoboot on the Wii via the config file etc.

    Turrican II original credits:
    Factor 5
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