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  • blargSNES ist ein SNES Emulator in frühem Stadium für den Nintendo 3DS. Allerdings benötigt dieser wie andere Homebrews für den 3DS auch, zwingend eine Gateway Flashkarte aber auch für Smealums NINJHAX Exploit liegt bereits eine .3DSX Datei bei.

    Die Roms müssen in folgendes Verzeichnis auf die SD Karte des 3DS kopiert werden: SD:\snes\rom.smc

    Auf der Gateway gibt es keine Soundunterstützung, wird blargSNES allerdings mit NINJHAX gestartet haben alle emulierten Spiele Sound.

    Zu den Features gehören folgende:

    * PPU modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
    * DMA (with faster paths for VRAM/CGRAM/OAM), HDMA
    * SPC700
    * SRAM with auto-saving
    * Joypad for player 1 (circle pad also works)
    * Screenshot function

    Unterstützte Varianten:
    ::-plus-:: Gateway (keine Soundunterstützung)
    ::-plus-:: Installierbar über BigBlueMenu (Nur Gateway Benutzer)
    ::-plus-:: NINJHAX Exploit (Volle Soundunterstützung)


    Version 1.3:
    * Usage of geometry shaders and other speedups to rendering
    * Hardware renderer: offset-per-tile, hi-res modes, and more fixes by DiscostewSM
    * Much better sound quality, support for noise, echo and pitch modulation (thanks DiscostewSM again)
    * Two added scaling modes: 4:3 and cropped 4:3
    * Better open-bus emulation, and ability to execute code in open-bus regions (fixes Home Alone)
    * Overall more accurate timings, IRQ fixes, etc
    * ROM selector is no longer locked to the /snes folder
    * the usual forgotten novelties, surprise

    Version 1.2:
    * Brand new hardware-accelerated renderer
    * Scaling support
    * Exit button (mainly for use with the Homebrew Launcher)
    * Emulation fixes (namely, huge 'next EXP' in Earthbound is fixed)
    * Support for the 256x239 mode
    * Proper PAL support (actually uses PAL timings)
    * Tries to prevent GPU freezes
    * Synchronous SPC700 (fixes issues but also causes a little slowdown)
    * As usual, more crap I forgot about. Hah.

    Version 1.1:
    * No more garbled/blank screens or freezes when pressing Home or closing/reopening the 3DS or playing with the 3D slider
    * Ability to run a new game without restarting blargSnes
    * Screenshot function
    * Support for external borders
    * Support for backgrounds with 16x16 tiles. Super Bomberman games are finally playable.
    * Brightness, color math (blending) and windows added. Many games look nicer this way.
    * Several PPU speedups
    * Speedhacking disabled (it was error-prone, not that efficient, and broke HDMA)
    * Replaced forced 1/2 frameskip with automatic frameskipper (isn't perfect, though)
    * More stable display (although tearing still occurs when frameskipping), VSync
    * More things I forgot about. Surprise!
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