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  • NitroGrafx
    NitroGrafx ist der erste PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16-Emulator, der für den DS entwickelt wurde. Er befindet sich noch in einem frühem Stadium weshalb man nicht zu viel erwarten sollte. Der Entwickler hat folgendes zu sagen:

    First version of my PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 emulator for the DS. Most things from PCEAdvance are ported over and most games run quite good. The savestates are broken at best and not working for CD/Arcade games at all. But this is just the first test version and I need some feedback.

    How to use:

    Depending on your flashcart you might have to DLDI patch the emulator file. You should also create a "NitroGrafx" directory either in the root of your card or in the data directory (eg h:dataNitroGrafx).

    Put your games on your flash card, max 512 games per folder (though shouldn't be a problem). Filenames must not be longer than 62 chars. You can use zipped files (as long as they use the deflate compression).

    The GUI is accessed by pressing L+R (shoulder buttons) or by touching the screen, tabs are changed by pressing the L or R button, going to the left most tab exits the GUI. Closing your DS puts the emulator in sleep mode, just open it to resume.

    When you first run the emulator I suggest you take a peak through the options and change the settings to your liking and then save them. Now load up a game and you should be good to go.


    *Added multitap emulation.
    *Added 6 button joypad emulation.
    *Added support for arguments from flashcard menu.
    *Fixed a few things with savestate loading.


    Fixed graphics rendering and optimised everything to better handle
    CD-ROM emulation. R-Type, Gradius, Parodius, Street Fighter II and lots
    of more games are now very playable graphics wise.

    Support for all 2048 tiles.
    Support for 1024 wide tilemaps.
    Support for 320 pixel wide screenmode.
    Better caching of tiles/sprites, less flickering
    Optimised everything

    V0.5 - 2010-05-06 (FluBBa)
    Added support for CD-ROM images in .bin/.cue format.
    Added support CD audio playing.


    * Fixed CPU cycles per scanline (455, confirmed on hardware).
    * Fixed timing of scroll register writes.
    * Fixed Sprite DMA IRQ handling.
    * Fixed savestates a bit (should be compatible between versions now).
    * Fixed scaling after loading savestate.
    * Fixed caching of Bios.
    * Better timing of ADPCM playing (still no sound though).
    * Debug output now optional, also more info is written.


    * Fixed cache for 16x64 sprites.
    * Fixed sprite DMA flag.
    * Fixed more CD-ROM emulation issues.


    * Added support for the SF2 mapper.
    * Fixed loading of roms with headers.
    * Fixed sprite scaling when switching modes.
    * Fixed directory cache misses.
    * Fixed some CD-ROM emulation issues.
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