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  • Xroar
    Xroar ist unter anderem ein Emulator für den Nintendo DS. Dieser kann den Dragon emulieren und Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2. Programmiert wurde das ganze von Ciaran Anscomb.


    Version 0.23, Mon Nov 30 2009

    * Full CoCo RAM select emulation.
    * Implemented SAM FAST mode.
    * Fullscreen fixes.
    * Better handling of -load and -run options.
    * Include "dark orange" VDG text mode colour.
    * Initial ALSA sound module (-ao alsa).
    * Read a configuration file on startup.
    * Sun audio fixes.
    * Experimental curses user interface.
    * Run first non-option argument.
    * WD279x fix.
    * Fixed segfault in SDL joystick code.
    * Work around nasty hang bug in SDL's pulseaudio module.
    * Add ROM search path to Windows build.
    * Add -gl-filter option to select OpenGL texture filter.
    * Support directly loading ASCII files (.bas, .asc) as gapped ASCII BASIC.
    * Write-back support for VDK and JVC disk images.
    * Request filename when creating a blank disk.

    Version 0.22, Tue Dec 23 2008

    * Feed audio output back to single bit sound input.
    * Update GP32 build to use EABI libs and devkitARM crt0.
    * Don't build DS stuff in thumb mode.
    * Initialise RAM to pattern.
    * Insert fake leader on tape change.
    * Fix OpenGL texture "fringing".
    * Sun audio fixes.
    * Honour user-specified RAM size again.
    * Fix WD2791/3 side compare plus other fixes to help CoCo NitrOS9.
    * Find a machine the user has ROMs for if they don't specify.
    * Add -load and -run options.
    * Add simple joystick swap with Control+Shift+J.
    * Disable fullscreen while showing a file requester.
    * Replace README with a manual.
    * Fake trailing leader byte for CAS files.

    Version 0.21, Thu Apr 24 2008

    * Fix border colour in RG6, CSS=0.
    * Input abstraction layer.
    * NDS: Render video as 4 x 3 grid of 4-bit colour sprites.
    * NDS: Use NDS VCOUNT writability to lock display to 50Hz when appropriate.
    * NDS: Major UI improvements.
    * NDS: Sound support.
    * GP32: Fix chatboard support with new state-machine based scanner.
    * Trace mode fixes (SYNC, CWAI).
    * Support changing of SAM RAM configuration.
    * More accurate single-bit sound.
    * Variable MPU rate support configurable.

    Version 0.20, Wed Feb 27 2008

    * Don't show artifacted colours for CSS=0.
    * Better emulation of undocumented 6809 behaviour.
    * New joystick axis and button mapping options.
    * Add GTK+-2 file requester.
    * Mid-instruction peripheral state sync.
    * Restructure CPU core to more accurately reflect data sheet.
    * PIA code not so intimately tied to emulator code.
    * New 5-bit NTSC cross-colour renderer.
    * NTSC cross-colour phase saved with snapshots.

    Version 0.19, Tue Jun 26 2007

    * WD279x Read Address command implemented.
    * VDG fixes.
    * Delta bugs in initialisation and drive select fixed.
    * Better error reporting.
    * Better compatibility with old snapshots.
    * Performance improvements in OpenGL driver.
    * DMK virtual disk reading bugfix.
    * Virtual disk image file write support (DMK format only).
    * Write protect toggles in SDL user interface.
    * Attached virtual disk filenames written to snapshots.

    Version 0.18, Fri Mar 9 2007

    * New 'configure' script.
    * New 'null' sound driver replaces 'rtc'.
    * Initial support for Nintendo DS (NDS).
    * Slight speed hacks for GP32/NDS.
    * Correct amount of scanlines rendered.
    * Added --version option.
    * Fixed potential infinite loop in disk emulation.
    * Single-density disk support.
    * Ability to insert blank disks (Ctrl+Shift+[1-4]).
    * DMK virtual disk format support.
    * Premier Delta System DOS cartridge support.
    * Added -dostype option.

    Version 0.17, Tue Aug 15 2006

    * Map '~' to Shift+'@' in translation mode.
    * Hopefully fix windows32 build.
    * Tape loading bugs fixed.
    * Fix VDG accesses >32K.
    * More accurately emulate Dragon 32 behaviour in map type 1.
    * Added frameskip option (-fskip).
    * Added rate limiter inhibit by holding F12.

    Version 0.16, Tue Aug 8 2006

    * Added -ram option.
    * CRC16 fixes.
    * RSDOS fixes.
    * Video timing code updated.
    * Added -pal and -ntsc options.
    * Fixed 16-byte video modes.
    * Fixed keyboard translation for Windows.
    * Support an illegal indexed addressing mode accidentally used by the first
    release of Glove.
    * Support using audio files for cassette input.
    * GP32 speed hacks (still not perfect).

    Version 0.15, Sun Jun 25 2006

    * All registers now local to 6809 core main loop.
    * New indexed addressing code should be faster.
    * Simplified module system.
    * New cartridge code. Now usable on GP32.
    * Semigraphics mode 6 implemented.
    * Virtual cassette writing supported.
    * While reading virtual cassettes, fake leader bytes are inserted when
    cassette motor is turned on.
    * Windows32 UI has separate save dialog.
    * Timing issue with short branches fixed.
    * WD2797 emulation now implements CRC16.

    Version 0.14, Sat Oct 22 2005

    * Implemented PAL timing for Dragon 32, Dragon 64.
    * Added new machine, 'tano'.
    * Implemented sub-scanline rendering (not GP32).
    * Fixes to snapshot code.
    * Fullscreen toggle added.
    * AD CPU rate removed from GP32 build.
    * New -snap option.
    * Fix to Windows32 UI module (retains CWD).
    * 6809 core optimisations.

    Version 0.13, Fri Aug 26 2005

    * Fixed OpenGL resize problem.
    * Fixed OpenGL border alignment problem.
    * Trace mode now disassembles instructions.
    * Virtual floppy timings more accurate, 'formatting' supported.
    * JVC virtual disk format supported.
    * Preliminary CoCo disk support (some stuff works, NitrOS-9 doesn't).
    * 6809-PIA interrupt interaction more accurate (fixes some games).
    * Various command-line options added.

    Version 0.12, Thu Jul 28 2005

    * New OpenGL video driver. Allows architectures without Xv extension
    but with fast 3D graphics card to do hardware scaling.
    * Disk writing (in memory only).
    * Address-dependent CPU rate implemented (GP32 clock rate upped to
    80MHz to cope).

    Version 0.11, Thu Jan 13 2005

    * Modularised almost everything. Binary can contain multiple drivers
    for video, sound and ui. User can pick one on startup and, hopefully,
    switch between them on the fly.
    * Added resizable SDL-YUV (Xv-accelerated where possible) video module.
    * Added JACK sound module.
    * Added NULL sound module (Linux-only: uses /dev/rtc to sync).
    * Eliminated busy-wait from SDL sound module.
    * Unified Unix and GP32 Makefiles.
    * Added ability to simulate NTSC video artifacts for hi-res graphics.
    * Sound fixes for unsigned audio interferes less with other audio.
    * GP32 chatboard support (thanks to Mirko's SDK).
    * Added 'translation' mode to SDL keyboard driver.
    * Added French & German keyboard mappings for 'raw' mode to SDL driver.
    * Ctrl+D (insert disk) replaced with Ctrl+[1-4] in SDL interface.

    Version 0.10, Sun Jun 27 2004

    * Fixed Sun audio code broken by v0.9.
    * Fix SEX bug. Pretty much everything runs correctly now (including
    Racer Ball, Rommel 3D, Android Attack).
    * Stopped using GP32 SDK sound code, adapted some of Jouni 'Mr.Spiv'
    Korhonen's code.
    * Refactored code to something a little more logical.
    * MacOS X 'Carbon' UI contributed by Stuart Teasdale.
    * Use C99 types instead of SDL ones except in SDL-based drivers.
    * Wrote faster GP32-specific VDG routines.

    Version 0.9, Sat May 15 2004

    * More timing fixes.
    * Video rendering optimisations.
    * Basic GP32 menu system added.
    * Ability to switch between Dragon and CoCo ROMs and keymaps.
    * Can insert disks (but still only into drive 1).

    Version 0.8, Mon May 3 2004

    * Added GTK interface option (default) to Unix build.
    * Timing fixes - most things play at a better speed now.

    Version 0.7, Wed Apr 7 2004

    * Added basic Unix joystick support (using SDL).
    * PIA0 addressing more specific (D64-style), OS-9 boots!
    * PIA implementation simplified.
    * Debug level configurable at build time (defaults to "not too much").
    * Keyboard handling changed; GP32 version will be easier to switch to
    CoCo mode when the time comes.

    Version 0.6, Thu Apr 17 2003

    * Joystick support available in the GP32 version.
    Ciaran Anscomb
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