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  • Libwiigui
    Libwiigui von Tantric ist eine sehr beliebte GUI-Entwicklerbibliothek. Mit ihr lassen sich auf einfache Weise schöne Grafiken in Homebrews integrieren. Viele Homebrews wurden mit libwiigui gestalten wie zB. dimoks WiiXplorer, ExploreWii GX oder auch der USB-Loader GX. Zudem ist libwiigui mit dem aktuellen devkitPPC r18 und libogc 1.8.0 kompatibel. Ein Tutorial gibt es hier.


    • Extensible classes
    • Built-in TTF, PNG support (uses FreeTypeGX and PNGU/libpng)
    • Built-in sound support (OGG and PCM)
    • Integrated hotspot support
    • Automatic handling of navigation via controller pad
    • Window focus support
    • Sophisticated object positioning
    • Comprehensive object state and event system
    • Support for animated effects
    • Included template and sample class extensions (eg: on-screen keyboard)

    Version 1.06
    • Compatibility with devkitPPC r24 and libogc 1.8.7
    • Minor bug fixes and optimizations

    Version 1.05
    • Text alignment corrections
    • Compatibility with devkitPPC r18 and libogc 1.8.0
    • Removed outside dependencies - uses only devkitpro portlibs now
    • Added grayscale method to image class (thanks dimok!)
    • Other minor optimizations

    Version 1.04
    • Rewritten ogg player - fixed a crashing bug
    • Improved text rendering performance
    • Improved logic for option browser and file browser classes
    • Onscreen keyboard class improvements
    • GuiText: Added SetScroll and SetWrap and changed behavior of SetMaxWidth
    • Other minor GUI logic corrections and code cleanup

    Version 1.03

    • Add file browser class to template - browses your SD card
    • New images for the template (thanks mvit!)
    • Add a function to get the parent element

    Version 1.02
    • Fixed letterboxing on PAL
    • Add STATE_HELD for held button actions (eg: draggable elements)
    • Now tracks state changes per-remote
    • Default constructor for GuiImage
    • Keyboard corrections, added more keyboard keys
    • Better handling of multiple wiimote cursors on-screen
    • Added functions for the ability to alter button behavior for all states
    • Documented GuiTrigger class
    • Refactor - moved trigger class definition to gui.h

    Version 1.01

    • Changed default sound format to 16bit PCM 48000
    • Added loop option for OGG sound playback

    Version 1.0
    • Inital release

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